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by J Ochoa Greetings, Entrepreneurs! When was the last time you checked your Google Business Listing? If you haven’t checked it in some time, check it NOW and then you can come back and read the rest of this article. Done? Great! When you google your business, more than likely you will find your business
That’s correct. And for many reasons it doesn’t. Many times I wonder how can anyone operate a business and simply doesn’t have time to show and tell potential customers what it is that they’re selling. I have seen numerous Facebook business pages that are not up to date in their postings. Many haven’t even posted

Six Tips to Video Marketing

Using video for your marketing is measurable, so you know if it’s working.  Video marketing engages your audiences and can help generate more leads.  Outline what you want to show on the video.  Promote your product or service and educate your audience on what you have to offer.  Tell a story.  You may also involve
Marketing is critical to the success of your business. Cutting back on your marketing budget or not having one at all will impact your business in a negative way. Your business needs effective marketing to grow. Poor marketing will derail your growth even if you have a good product or service. Mistake #1: Not having

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