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Six Tips to Video Marketing

Using video marketing is measurable, so you know if it’s working.  Video marketing engages your audiences and can help generate more leads.  Outline what you want to show on the video.  Promote your product or service and educate your audience on what you have to offer.  Tell a story.  You may also involve your customers
Marketing is critical to the success of your business. Cutting back on your marketing budget or not having one at all will impact your business in a negative way. Your business needs effective marketing to grow. Poor marketing will derail your growth even if you have a good product or service. Marketing Mistake #1: Not

Sharing Content [infographic]

Many times it is very difficult to write content to share with your audience – either we go blank or search for some in a desperate mode.  Yes, in a desperate mode to make sure ‘something’ is shared.  And really, that feeling is not an acceptable one nor is it one of value.  So what
A person without a face is not able to speak. Likewise, a business without a website cannot tell customers or potential customers anything about its product or service.  You, as a business owner, should be asking yourself the following question: How will my customers know that I exist as a business and know about my
Appealing directly to one or more of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is how a client is persuaded to purchase a product or a service.  Maslow’s hierarchy is a high yielding psychological approach to marketing. Abraham Harold Maslow was a psychologist who studied positive human qualities.  The five needs that are included in his pyramid model,
For any company looking for a potential marketing firm to fulfill their marketing needs, the inevitable question will come to mind: Should I go with a large firm or with a boutique firm? Though both types of marketing firms would likely be able to fulfill a client’s marketing needs, there IS a difference between the
Don’t!!! In today’s business, more and more people are making their purchase decisions online and many make these decisions according to those business reviews.  One bad review can and will impact your business perception to future patrons.  One bad review can send away many potential customers.  So don’t ignore those nasty reviews. Ignoring them will not make them

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