Communicate With Your Customers Using Marketing Collateral

There are several reasons why having marketing collateral for your business is essential for the success of your business. But first, you might be asking yourself, “ What is marketing collateral?” Marketing collateral is printed material that describes a business and it’s products and services. Some examples include, brochures, press releases, fact sheets, etc… It is used to communicate important information about the company’s products and services.

Marketing collateral does 3 things for your business:
Tell the company’s story so customers understand who you are and what you do, helps to build your brand so customers are attracted to your product or service, and helps sales people move with the sales cycle.

The 3 main marketing collateral that every business should have are business cards, brochures, and one-sheets. Business cards are still a tradition. They are still a necessity even in our digital era that we live in now. Having a strong logo with a creative tagline will automatically communicate the business’ value proposition. Printed brochures are very valuable when making sales calls. Your customers can always go back and see your products and services that you offer. One-sheets is a single document that outlines your product and service and it provides a quick overview of your company. They are perfect for networking and sales meetings.

Keep in mind that all printing collateral should send a message that aligns with your brand promise. It is crucial that you maintain all of your collateral consistent – logo, color, style, voice and symbols. Invest in your print collateral. You do not want anyone to think that your business is just an overnight enterprise – here now, gone tomorrow.