How to Push Customers Away

Many customers enjoy doing their shopping online. I’m one of them. But there are several things online stores will do to push customers away.

Once a week, I receive emails from this great boutique, well I call it great since the clothes that it offers look great. As soon as I open this email, pictures start to download automatically. I browse and I’m falling for almost each outfit. The first thing that I want to do is to purchase them. But, once at the bottom of that email and click on their website link, I get this pull back that will make me not want to buy anything.

So how did they push me away?

1.The merchandise on their website was very much different than what I had seen on the email sent.
2.Their website seemed outdated. Where are all the outfits that I had just seen on that email?
3.And if I were to purchase anything, is it secured to use my card? What security services do they use? I don’t see Norton Secured or McAfee Secure.
4.Crowded website. Keep it simple. My eyes navigated in all directions.
5.Make the checkout process easy. You don’t want customers filling in so many blanks for a simple purchase.
6.Hidden cost? Oh, no. Don’t do that. Be honest with your online customers.
7.Don’t limit payment options. Realize that not everyone owns the same type of credit cards. Offer several options.
8.Live help. Offer live chat. Sometimes the customer wants to inquire about a product and doesn’t have time to wait for an email to be sent after completing the ‘contact us’ option.

So if you want to push your online customers away, these are just some of the ways in which you can succeed at doing just that.