So Why the Name “McBad,” You Might Ask?

Yes, I tossed and turned thinking of that perfect name to call my baby, well my marketing business that is.

I came up with a number of names that were good ones, but they were not that special one.  I remember sitting down watching television with my four dogs and my cat.  They were all so good laying right next to each other.  As I stared at them, I thought about my business and it was then that that name came about – McBad Creative.

Each letter represents my furry babies’ last name – they are all named after a designer.

  1. Prada Maria ( passed away a couple of years ago and was not going to leave her out )
  2. Roberto Cavali
  3. Hugo Boss
  4. Georgio Armani
  5. Christian Dior
  6. Chloe

And this is how the name, McBad Creative came about.  It is very important, at least to me, that your business represents a part of your family, who you are.  I wanted very much for my family to be a part of this marketing firm.

So next time when you are looking for an idea for a name, you don’t have to look too far.  The perfect name might just be right in front of you.