So You Want to Ignore Those Bad Business Reviews?


In today’s business, more and more people are making their purchase decisions online and many make these decisions according to those business reviews.  One bad review can and will impact your business perception to future patrons.  One bad review can send away many potential customers.  So don’t ignore those nasty reviews. Ignoring them will not make them go away.  In fact, they are there to stay.  Not one business is immune to this, so why not be prepared for the inevitable.

  1. Avoid emotional responses.  Do not lose your cool and start typing an angry response. Replying in an angry tone will only make matters worse – for you.  Remember that these reviews are public and many potential customers will read them.  Stay calm. Give it a day or two (yes, you should be monitoring your reviews) until you gather your thoughts and maybe even investigate what went wrong. 
  2. Address the person by first name.  Do not use a generic response.  Personalize it.  It should be a thoughtful one.  “Dear Liz:  I am sorry that you had to wait in line for longer than expected. “
  3. Stay humble and yes, say that you are sorry.  Do not start a back and forth fight.  Staying humble and wanting to remedy the situation speaks volumes about you and about your business.

Now you have engaged in a professional and savvy way.  Reassure that customer that things will be done better or that you will be looking into that matter. Whether you get to solve the problem or not, you just provided good customer service.  And as a business owner you know that courteous customer service makes a customer a walking advertisement.

If you build a great experience, Customers tell each other about that. 

Word of mouth is very powerful.”  ~~ Jeff Bezos