For any company looking for a potential marketing firm to fulfill their marketing needs, the inevitable question will come to mind: Should I go with a large firm or with a boutique firm? Though both types of marketing firms would likely be able to fulfill a client’s marketing needs, there IS a difference between the two.


Before being in the marketing industry, I too was a business owner looking for a marketing firm. Though I knew some of the larger firms would be able to take care of my business, I knew I would have to pay a premium for their services. That may or may not have been true, but the perception of going with a large firm meant I had to pay a large sum; whereas a boutique firm might not charge as much.


Its a given that with a smaller firm, there will be less staff; thus there would be more personal attention given to the client.  The chances of you working together with the CEO of the company are greater in a boutique marketing firm.

With a smaller staff, the efficiency is more productive given a smaller number of people making decisions. An efficient strategy for the client can mean the difference in finishing a project within weeks as opposed to a couple of months. Likewise, decisions from the client can be handled quicker with a faster response.


Going with a smaller boutique firm versus a larger marketing firm, you’re likely to come across a more creative environment. The willingness of a smaller boutique to take more risks is evident, and many larger companies will go to a boutique firm in order to achieve such “out of the box” thinking strategies”.


Many boutique marketing firms have a smaller staff and, unlike a larger firm, their capabilities and services offered may be limited. Although a larger firm CAN offer the same services, by going with a boutique firm with a niche, it can help with the bottom line of any company looking for an efficient and specialized output.

So does size really matter?  I think it does.  And personally, I prefer a small marketing firm because I appreciate that personal attention.  I mean, who doesn’t like that personal attention experience?