A Business With No Website is Like a Person Without a Face

A person without a face is not able to speak.

Likewise, a business without a website cannot tell customers or potential customers anything about its product or service.  You, as a business owner, should be asking yourself the following question:

How will my customers know that I exist as a business and know about my product or service? 

It’s that simple.  If you do not have an online presence (website), you basically don’t exist; you are not doing business.  You might tell yourself that your business is registered to operate, that you have a personal Facebook profile, that your contact information is on online phone directories, that people know you…SO WHAT?! You still don’t exist.

Do you really believe…

that people have the time to look up your name and find out if you operate a business?  Do you really believe that people will take the time to look you up on an online telephone directory?  No, they don’t.  When people are looking for a product or a service they will look for it online first – they will “Google” it.  Many will go to Facebook business page to see if you exist there, but would want to look you up in a website.  They want to know who you are as a business owner; They want to know about your product or service; They want to know how to go about in obtaining your product or service.  And I got news for you – If you do not have a website, people will believe that you do not exist as a business.  Sorry to break it to you like that.  But that’s reality.  With so many businesses out there, people do not have the time to be searching for you precisely.  So what happens next? Your competitor just gained a new customer because they did have an online presence – a website.

The absence of not having a  business website is devastating.  And don’t make it even worse by sending a blast of emails to potential customers or doing cold calls.  That doesn’t work.  You really don’t want to push potential customers away.

Bottom line – you need to have an online presence.  You need to tell others about your product or service. Start planning on how to speak about your business using a website.  Don’t remain a business without an online presence.  It’s never too late.