Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Marketing is critical to the success of your business.

Cutting back on your marketing budget or not having one at all will impact your business in a negative way. Your business needs effective marketing to grow. Poor marketing will derail your growth even if you have a good product or service.

Marketing Mistake #1:

Not having a marketing plan. A marketing plan is the foundation you need for your business to be successful when it comes to marketing. Tell a story with marketing and don’t just simply rely on an ad because you need to connect with your audience. A marketing plan will keep you focus in reaching goals and objectives about effective ways to reach your target market and it also helps you in keeping you on track with a marketing budget.

Marketing Mistake #2:

About you. If you are marketing about you and you, you, and you…stop it. Your target audience doesn’t care about you. Your audience cares about himself or herself only – about their needs and wants. Stop talking about how good you are or how great your establishment is and start connecting with the customer. That is effective marketing. Tell your customer how your product or service benefits THEM and how it is relevant to THEM.

Marketing Mistake #3:

Confusing messages. What you need to say to your target audience should be sweet, simple, and to the point. Customers are bombarded left and right with so much advertisement from hundreds of businesses. Help them see your message clear through all the other clutter.

Marketing Mistake #4:

Constant change. Give your marketing some time so that you can measure results accurately. Marketing doesn’t work over night. Frequency and consistency will help you gather the best results to show you if what you are doing needs to stay or go away.