Your Business Doesn’t Belong on Facebook

That’s correct. And for many reasons it doesn’t.

Many times I wonder how can anyone operate a business and simply doesn’t have time to show and tell potential customers what it is that they’re selling.

I have seen numerous Facebook Business pages that are not up to date in their postings. Many haven’t even posted in months, so this right here makes many like me wonder if that business is still in operation or if it’s now closed. And many times they are still open. How can this even be possible? Why are these businesses not taking pride in their establishment? Do they not care about the consumer? Are they that sure that their product will sell? To me, this is a total disregard of what should be their pride and joy.

About a year ago, I assisted this couple who was struggling to bring their business up from a possible total fail. I looked into everything that they had worked on and made a plan with strategies to assist them – a total re-branding of their business. We were all excited for this new phase. They felt very confident that they could do all the marketing on their own implementing their new plan (had a very tight marketing budget). I admired them for having that confidence and was indeed very proud of them.

Well, that didn’t last long. Not even two months later…

I checked to see how they were doing. Their response was that they had had no time to keep up with any marketing whatsoever. They had been busy traveling and waiting for customers to call them. Oh well….what can we do. Their Facebook had only one post (totally irrelevant to their product), all other social media platforms also had no posts. And now they were worried that they had to look for a new location – since customers were not coming in. ( Of course they were not coming in! )

They asked again for my help, but unfortunately my answer had to be a no. One can only help so much. If those that seek help and not take heed on advice, what makes anyone think that things will change?

My response to a situation like this is that:

1. You must make time for your business. If time is not on your side, retain a marketing firm to assist you with all your marketing needs.
2. Listen to your marketer’s advice if you are going to do your own business marketing.
3. Make sure that if you are going to have your business on Facebook, keep it current and relevant to the product or service that you offer.

So, if you think that your business belongs on Facebook, start posting and become relevant. Start engaging with your customers and potential customers. And if time is what’s keeping you from taking care of your business, we can provide assistance for you.

And in the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.”