Is Facebook Messenger the New Content Marketing?

If Advertising on Facebook Messenger is the new Content Marketing, is that a Good Thing?

HubSpot did an article, Marketers: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and focused on the heightened popularity and usage of using messaging apps as the next trend in Digital Marketing following Content Marketing. The article references such technologies as AI, Augmented Reality, and Voice Recognition signaling “radically new times.” In addition, “Every time consumer behavior evolves, marketers have new opportunities that were never before available.”

What exactly does this mean for businesses and digital marketers? It means TWO things:

  1. Adapting to early-adopting techniques that might help your brand grow.
  2. Stay in touch with a finicky generation of tech-heavy influence and presence.

The reason why this article is not about the new messaging advertising capabilities – it is the impatience of the marketing industry as well as consumers that drove content marketing to it’s downfall.

Content Marketing is NOT for Everyone!

What is content marketing? In short, social media postings, blog articles, videos, basically anything form of consumable content about your business that does not directly sell your product or service to the consumer. It is advertising without actually selling.

How has Content Marketing Screwed Itself?

As Kipp Bodnar writes,instead of pummeling buyers with ads or email, smart marketers started to create useful content designed help the consumer rather than sell them. If good and relevant, this content would find its way to the top of the search results page and, without costing the company anything in ad spend, deliver a compounding stream of incoming traffic.” (2017)

Bodnar further explains that initial and fresh outlook on this marketing tactic began to feel overplayed, incredibly saturated, and focused on making more and more content for the sake of just having more content for “SEO.”

comic digital and content marketing hubspot article

The volume of content went up, the quality often went down. Content farms popped up. And brands started to fund the spread of bad content through paid channels. As content offers increased, they became less valuable, and then they crossed the line into utter noise.

The article also addresses how messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger can be ruined much like it’s content-driven predecessor. It will be tough, as it is fairly brand new, engagement cannot be bought through email lists. Unlike emails, there is not much room to spam your audience as many annoying email drip campaigns can be.

Messaging should be reserved for short, on-demand, personalized exchanges. They should be triggered, whenever possible by the customer, not the company.

In the evolving world of Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising, it is important to note that it isn’t always about being ahead of the trends for the sake of being first. Consumers are not stupid, and at the end of the day, quality over quantity still reigns supreme.


Bodnar, Kipp. “Marketers: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” HubSpot Blog, HubSpot, Inc., 18 July 2017,


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