DIY SEO: Claim Your Local Listings

You Own Your Business – Now Own Your Local Listings!

When you started your business, I am sure the couple of weeks following your registration came unsolicited sales calls from companies that work with other businesses, B2B, in order to sell you services relevant to your industry. Likewise, when you set up your phone line, there is a good chance you will already be listed in a few, if any, local listings or online directories.

It is important to know exactly which directories your business is in, which ones it is not, and what you need to do to claim your listing. Claiming your business listing offers two benefits for your business:

  1. You control your brand, copy, and exactly how you want your business to be represented to your audience.
  2. Any mistakes or old or outdated information or changes can easily be made with a claimed listing.

Is your business’ information accurate and consistent?

You can reference another important reason to claim your business on this blog post about Google’s Suggest an Edit. Being on top of your listing gives you control over information that isn’t accurate to your business. As a stated in the previous post, competitive businesses can “suggest an edit” and change phone numbers and hours in order to make your business look bad as well as take away clients in your competitive industry.

This great article, Claiming Your Local Small Business Listings Online, is a great resource and describes the steps you need to take to claim your local listings for several big-name websites. The article suggests, “If you run a local bricks-and-mortar business, the most important online marketing you may ever do is claiming your local business listings. In fact, if you don’t claim your listings, someone else could–and that might be a disastrous thing for your business.” (Taylor 2014)

A helpful and FREE resource where you can cross-check your local listings through several websites is through It measures how accurate your listings are, if there are any discrepancies between different websites, and solutions as to how to optimize your local listing SEO.



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