Do You Really Need A New Website?

Does your business really need a new website?

Having a Digital Marketing and Ad Agency, one whose specialty is web design, you would think that this would be the LAST question I would ever ask a potential client, “Do You REALLY Need A New Website?” The reality is, I don’t “sell” websites as a commodity in the way that Louis Vuitton would sell a handbag, allowing you to pick and choose a physical item for a single transaction. Instead, we look at websites not as a commodity we mass produce and sell, but rather as part of a solution to solve the marketing dilemma your business is currently having.

To clarify, this question applies to businesses that already have a website and would like a new or redesigned website. If your business doesn’t have a website, the reading stops here: You need a website! The premise of this article is to ask yourself if a website redesign is REALLY what your company needs.

Why? Why? Why?

Before approaching an agency about a new website, ask yourself WHY you are seeking a new website. Is it because your current website is outdated? Is it not responsive to multiple devices? Is your company doing an overall rebranding and the website should reflect the new look?

These are all questions you NEED to ask yourself, and answer, way before you meet with an agency – because they will ask you this, and a vague answer about wanting an updated look does not help us get to the problem solving and marketing strategy aspect of website design. In essence, not addressing this question makes a website turn into a commodity, and does not solve the core marketing issues you may have.

Goal-Based Decision

When I say goal-based, what I mean is, “Is your website accomplishing what you intended it to achieve?” For example, if your goal was to have people fill out a form, make reservations online, purchase your products, or make a schedule to your office – are you website visitors doing what you want them to? If they are, or not, then the next question NOW is, “What are my goals for this new website?”

What are your business marketing goals?

A website should be tailored to achieve whatever marketing goals you set forth for yourself and your business. Do you want more online traffic and website visitors? Want more phone calls? More opt-ins by online forms? Streamline scheduling on the website? Increase leads through organic traffic – or – you want to be able to qualify leads more efficiently and increase your conversion rates?

These are all questions that 1) have a distinct motive to justify a new website, 2) are measurable goals that can be analyzed through quantitative data, and 3) can serve as the foundation to address your marketing problems in order to find their solution.

Your website should work for you – and as one of the MOST important parts of your growing business, your website should not be looked at as a business expense you can write off next year on your taxes. Look at your company’s website as a business investment – are you not investing in something you hope will grow your business? L:ike any investment, it is always crucial to look at the Return on Investment (ROI) that your company’s website can achieve for you. If a $15,000 website was able to help in making $200,000 or more in revenue, or helped convert a lucrative client, then you can say your investment paid off.

Technological Relevance

If you’re seeking a website redesign based on having an updated feel or you haven’t updated your website in over 2 years, then a new website may be for you. Ask yourself this:

  1. Is my website mobile-friendly?
  2. Am I being found on web search engine?
  3. Is my contact information up-to-date?
  4. Is my website integrated with my business’ social media?
  5. Is there an opportunity for consistent content to engage repeat website visitors?
  6. Am I capturing my website’s visitors to re-market to them on other platforms?

As technology continues to evolve on a daily basis, it is no longer enough to publish a website and call it a day. To have consistent, updated and relevant content as well as adapting to industry-standard aspects of website design is critical for any business’ online presence.

So before you call the first five web design agencies, and ask about pricing, first ask yourself is a new website will solve your marketing dilemma. Ask yourself, and prepare to be asked by your potential agency. If they don’t ask you an endless amount of questions, then what they are trying to sell you, and what you MAY end up buying, is a product. What you want is a solution to help achieve your goals and grow your business.

Your website needs to do 4 things: