Does Your Website Work (for You) ?

Your Digital Salesman

Your website works, and that’s great! The foundation to your company’s online presence, at the minimum, should be working and functioning. Ask yourself this question – does your website work for you? Think of your website as your 24/7 business card or your digital salesman you don’t have to pay overtime.

You need to look at your website not as a chunk of internet space that holds your business’ information – you need to look and treat your website as a 24/7 digital salesman that will be able to sell your company’s products or services even while you’re trying to get at least four hours of sleep this time.

Your website’s overall design MUST be planned to achieve the results you want to accomplish in order to grow your business – and essentially make you more money. I have mentioned Website Design Goals in a previous post – but if all you’re focused on in having a good-looking website without thoughtfully planning your CTA (call-to-action) buttons or Opt-In web forms, your website is like a brand-new Jaguar with no engine – pretty to look at but essentially useless and a waste of money.

What’s the difference?

The difference between a website designed to work and a website designed to work for you relies on the aggregate data meant to demonstrate if you’re money was well spent and you received a return on your investment. Let’s just say your goal for redesigning your website was to increase more online sign ups to your online newsletter – have you seen an increase or decrease, or roughly the same numbers?

It’s an Investment, Not an Expense

If you’re reading this and you’re a business owner and you don’t know anything about designing a website or question why designing a website can take a few months, why research is done before even building begins, or even why website are sometimes more expensive than your car – you’re seeing first-hand the difference between someone thoughtfully designing a website tailored to fit your marketing goals and objectives versus a designer merely giving you a product that has form, but absolutely no function to have the website work for you.


Check out our web design portfolio for some examples of website designs we’ve created for our clients’ growing local businesses.