Obvious Hidden Trick to Increase Facebook Page Likes

With the recent change in the Facebook Algorithm set to take effect, it is safe to say that managing your company’s brand on it’s Facebook page has been a perpetual uphill battle to be on. Although it is necessary to have your business’ page on Facebook, given they have literally half of the global population as a member, getting organic engagement and increasing page likes is a frustrating experience. Businesses were mostly resorting to having to pay to “Boost” their postings, or involve themselves on Facebook’s Ads Manager Platform to even get noticed on people’s Facebook feed. Their latest algorithm will make it almost impossible for a business to show up on a user’s timeline, thus making it more difficult, and more expensive, to even maintain a company’s Facebook presence.

Here ‘s A (free) Simple Solution You Can Do That Can Help

I work on Facebook advertising on a daily basis, so I am very familiar with the platform’s organic and paid opportunities as well as the incredibly accurate audiences we target. And because I work in this platform on a daily basis, imagine my surprise to find out this simple trick right under my nose! I felt sucker-punched, because I wrap my mind around strategies to increase brand engagement and increase page likes and organic reach. It turns out, inviting people not on your friends list is as simple as inviting them straight from a post’s total likes.

Basically, you look at the total of people that liked your post, organic or paid, and there should be a button to invite them to like your page without having to actually be their Facebook Friend.



Image Source: https://www.jaylehtinen.com/invite-people-like-facebook-page/