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President Gordon B. Where is the right place? When is the right time? Fortunately, President Hinckley and other Church leaders have given us inspired counsel concerning these questions.


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The Power of the Eternal Marriage Covenant

The status of women in Mormonism has been a source of public debate since before the death of Joseph Smith in Various denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement have taken different paths on the subject of women and their role in the church and in society. Nineteenth and early 20th-century accounts of Mormon history often neglected women's role in founding the religion. Roberts's famous seven-volume history, History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints only mentions a few women.

In the secular sphere, Utah Territory was at the forefront of women's suffrage; in , it became one of the first states or territories in the Union to grant women the vote, [4] though the federal government removed the franchise from women in via the Edmunds—Tucker Act.

Education and scholarship was also a primary concern for Mormon women. Religious missions, like Bathsheba W. Smith 's mission to southern Utah to preach "woman's rights", were launched. Wells said that women should speak for themselves, and if that is considered manly, that should be a good thing, since if men are superior, becoming more masculine ought to be desirable. Lateth-century Utah also had the most liberal divorce laws in the United States at the time.

The laws were advantageous to women: any woman who insisted on a divorce got one. One of Brigham Young 's wives divorced him and launched a lucrative career as a public speaker.

The divorce rate in late 19th-century Utah came close to 30 percent. This divorce rate was inflated by people from other states seeking an easy divorce in Utah. She ran against her husband.

In the early church, women would sometimes lay hands on another person to give them a special "women's blessing". Patty Bartlett Sessions recorded giving and receiving blessings from other women in her work as a midwife, [10] as did Louisa Barnes Pratt in her life as a pioneer and a missionary.

Current LDS Church policy dictates that the act of giving blessings "by laying on of hands" is only to be performed by those ordained to offices in the Melchizedek priesthood , which offices are only held by men. The status of women in the LDS Church has been a source of public debate beginning in the 19th century, when the church found itself at odds with the United States federal government over its practice of polygamy. The practice was established in the church in It continued until when Wilford Woodruff received a revelation, known as the "Manifesto", that stopped plural marriage.

Following the Manifesto, many groups and individuals left the church in order to continue the practice; however, these groups have no affiliation with the church today. Although some church leaders are known to have large polygamous families, two-thirds of the men who practiced polygamy in the church only had two wives. Women were able to divorce their husbands. Among the church population as a whole, at its peak, only 25 to 30 percent of members were part of polygamist families by When speaking of polygamy, generally only two extremes are considered: "Mormon women were either highly empowered agents or submissive dupes.

Polygamy caused many women to grapple with their faith, but also allowed them to grow closer to God and to make and keep covenants. Women in polygamous relationships at the time described the experience as a great trial that taught them self-denial. Many were protestant converts and believed that their suffering helped to purify them. Mothers discouraged their daughters from entering into plural relationships. For many, the decision to accept polygamy and practice it was an agonizing and difficult process that brought them closer to God.

Some women did not accept polygamy at first and had to pray about, study, and question the practice before receiving an answer from God and accepting it. For some women, like Hannah Tapfield King, plural marriage was a way for women to obtain the highest blessings of salvation.

King's husband was not a member of the church, and although he did convert, the couple was not able to be sealed in the temple. King was sealed to Brigham Young but only for the next life.

She remained married to her husband throughout her life and never had relations with Young, but was able to ensure blessings for herself through polygamy that she would not otherwise have received in this life. After accepting polygamy, Edith Turbin declared "I had rather to be the 20th wife of an honorably God-fearing Man, than to be the only wife of any one of two thirds of the Men in the world.

Ezra Taft Benson stated that women have qualities of faithfulness, benevolence, and charity that balance the "more aggressive and competitive nature of man. Hunter said, "I hope the time never comes when women will be brought down to the level with men, although they seem to be making these demands in meetings held … all over the world. Ecclesiastically, the LDS Church is firmly committed to traditional gender roles. Women have a certain degree of authority in some areas, including leadership positions with authority over children and other women, although these women leaders receive supervision and guidance by male priesthood-holding leaders [26] [27].

Women are " endowed " with priesthood power, but are not ordained to priesthood office. Women may also serve as missionaries , and a select few may perform certain ordinances such as washing and anointing on behalf of women in church temples. Women leaders have regularly given sermons at the church's semi-annual General Conference , but it was not until that a woman was invited to pray during a general session of the conference.

A survey conducted in of Mormons in the United States showed that if they were married to an LDS spouse, men and women had equal levels of church activity. Almost half of the men surveyed agreed that a good Latter-day Saint should obey without knowing why, while only 31 percent of women agreed. About 20 percent of LDS women believe that "women do not have enough say in the church. In Orson Pratt's "Celestial Marriage," he wrote that a woman should not marry a man unless she "had fully resolved herself to submit herself wholly to his counsel, and let him govern as the head.

Kimball said that a man "presides" rather than "rules". Initially, early church members defined polygamy as "celestial" marriage, but "celestial" marriage now refers to marriages sealed in the temple. Fiction from the Young Woman's Journal attempts to make religious marriage attractive by describing it as romantic. Unmarried LDS women are promised that if they are faithful, they will have the opportunity to marry in the afterlife. The Family: A Proclamation to the World states that "Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children", [37] and an article on women in the church on the official church website states that women have "the greater gift and responsibility for home and children and nurturing there and in other settings.

Harold B. Lee said that women have a special "mother's intuition. Brigham Young taught that women "should stand behind the counter, study law or physic [medicine], or become good book-keepers and be able to do the business in any counting house, and this to enlarge their sphere of usefulness for the benefit of society at large.

Spencer W. Kimball said, "Numerous divorces can be traced directly to the day when the wife left the home and went out into the world into employment. Hinckley made allowances for single mothers and other women in similar circumstances: "I recognize [ To you I say, do the very best you can. The messages of Church leaders regarding working women were reflected in the Relief Society's housework curriculum.

Throughout the s, Relief Society lessons were written by career women who balanced home and work life. However, by the s, the Church discontinued the lessons written by specific individuals and the use of an author's byline.

One study by Laurence Iannaccone found that starting in , statements from church leaders were highly variable on women's topics. After Ezra Taft Benson's talk "To The Mothers in Zion" exhorting women to not work outside the home, many women quit their jobs and some women BYU students wondered if they should continue their studies. Holland stated that BYU especially welcomed women, and encouraged personal study and revelation about how to follow church guidelines.

It also found the opposite was true; as the Church affirms traditional roles, the number of living endowments increased and the number of endowments for the dead increased. Brigham Young said that women's dress should reflect that they are separate from the world.

After Joseph F. These guidelines were not closely followed by members. In , Elder Spencer W. Kimball said that Latter-day Saint women should have a unique style of their own that did not include strapless dresses, shorts, form-fitting sweaters, or dresses with low necks or backs.

Immediately following the talk, many women changed their wardrobes to conform to Kimball's instructions and called their wardrobes "kimballized", but the church issued no formal dress standards. In , the Mutual Improvement Association published a pamphlet on modesty in general. It advised women against "flaunt[ing] one's figure," and also emphasized modesty in speech and conduct. A Improvement Era column counseled teenage girls to keep their clothing clean and ironed.

In the s, the counterculture movement started to influence the dress of Mormon youth. Short skirts, beards and long hair for men, and dirty clothing became popular. Fearing that the counterculture fashions would negatively influence morals, leaders began to advise on dress codes more stringently. Men received instruction to avoid long hair and beards because of their association with counterculture; women's dress standards were created to protect their virtue.

The miniskirt in particular was denounced as unfashionable as well as immodest. The church's modesty rhetoric in the s and 70s also encouraged women to dress femininely especially as androgynous styles became more popular. A more feminine dress style was associated with acceptance of traditional feminine gender roles of the s. In , the first For the Strength of Youth pamphlet was published, and the first presidency encouraged youth and their parents to conform to its regulations.

It prescribed skirts that covered the kneecaps and forbade low-cut, strapless, and low-backed attire. It encouraged women to "always try to look feminine" and stated that slacks rather than skirts or dresses were appropriate only for hiking and other sports. The For the Strength of Youth pamphlet denounced soiled and sloppy clothing, and said that women should not be in public with her hair in curlers.

In , the pamphlet was changed to state that skirts should be "of modest length. Oaks published a formal dress code for Brigham Young University in , which allowed pant suits but no other pants for women.

Jeans were allowed in , and knee-length shorts in A specific prohibition against tattoos and multiple earrings was added in Sister missionaries also received special instruction in dressing professionally starting in The Church published a dress code for its own employees in , which did not allow pant suits.

Finding modest dresses, shorts, and swimsuits presents a challenge to some LDS women. The La Canada first ward in California sewed modest swimsuits for themselves in The current For the Strength of Youth pamphlet for LDS youth defines modest dress standards for young women: "Young women should avoid short shorts and short skirts, shirts that do not cover the stomach, and clothing that does not cover the shoulders or is low-cut in the front or the back.

Some members feel that when leaders emphasize dressing modestly to young women, they only emphasize the sexualization of women's bodies and encourage women to judge each other by their physical appearance. Mormon women are no more likely than other women to experience depression, [52] [53] however, Mormon women who experience depression have specific challenges. A dissertation by Marleen Williams found a few differences in how Mormon women experience depression.

Older LDS adults try to find a place in the dating game

All eyes fell upon me at Young Women Sunday School when it was my turn to answer the question about what I wanted to be when I grew up. By the time I had given my response, the temperature in the room of my Sunday school class had risen. Some students looked away, while others exchanged uncomfortable glances. My Sunday school teacher had asked about our future plans, and my answer was clearly out of place. Most of my female peers had responded with desires of motherhood and marriage; I wanted these things too, but they were not my primary goals even though I am a Mormon woman.

The status of women in Mormonism has been a source of public debate since before the death of Joseph Smith in Various denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement have taken different paths on the subject of women and their role in the church and in society.

The agonized question came from a concerned Latter-day Saint woman considering eternal marriage to a widower: Would she have her own house in the hereafter or would she have to live with her husband and his first wife? Dallin H. That troubled many believing Mormons, especially women, to whom the possibility of eternal polygamy is no laughing matter. It is the cause of anxiety, nightmares, deathbed promises, and, yes, earnest letters to authorities in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, begging for clarification.

What Really Happened at That ‘Mormon Millionaire’ Dating Event?

Lauren Jackson, special to CNN. CNN Benjamin Brown is a glasses-wearing lawyer who flavors his language with words like "heck" and "gosh. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More than , Mormons have used Mutual, a dating app for the faithful. Mormon doctrine holds that intrafaith marriage -- a union to another Mormon inside the church's temples -- is essential for salvation in the highest level of heaven. Brown, 31, said he "often went on multiple dates a day" while a student at Brigham Young University. Nonetheless, he graduated single. Six years ago, he began flying cross-country in search of a wife.

Why is it so hard for LDS to find marriage partners?

By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. There is certainly truth there, and I encourage you to add your own perspectives to the question. But before we drill down into these kinds of issues too far, I think it might be helpful first to consider the bigger picture: this is largely a problem of demographics. The number of self-identifying, practicing Mormons is a fraction of that figure.

Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. And for women, that comes with an additional perk.

About 2, women applied through a form online , including Kady Nettik, a student at Idaho State University who read about the ads on Facebook. Nettik said. The pressure to find a husband or wife for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be intense, Ms. Nettik, 24, said.

More for Mormon Women

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that a man and a woman who have been married civilly will not have to wait one year before getting sealed in the temple. The First Presidency also clarified that leaders should also encourage couples to be both married and sealed in the temple where possible, and the leaders hope it "allows families to come together in love and unity" where some have felt the old policy caused heartache for families of mixed faiths who weren't allowed to observe a temple sealing. The change in policy is not meant to be interpreted as lessening the emphasis or importance of temple sealing, the First Presidency said in the statement. During that waiting period, the church encourages new members to obtain a "limited-use temple recommend" that allows them to serve in a temple baptistry.

From recurrent marriage talks to wedding advertisement to ring promotions on the radio, the pressure to get married is tangible for many in Utah. But there is no age to enter or leave the dating game. Oates says a man and a woman each start out with zero points, and their dating actions, such as calls or gifts, award them certain points. For instance, a text or call constitutes one point. According to him, if a man calls a woman, he now has one point. If he then drops something off at her apartment, he has two points, giving him a total of three points.

LDS Church changes temple sealing policy

An Oregon woman faults The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for allegedly starting the process that netted her husband a year prison sentence. Instead, he was arrested and charged in and convicted in of four counts of second-degree sexual abuse. The couple were part of a ward in the Marion County town of Stayton, home to about 8, residents 15 miles southeast of Salem. The Church has a hour abuse help line to help leaders understand and meet both their professional and ecclesiastical obligations to report abuse. We are grateful for the efforts of law enforcement and prosecutors to investigate and pursue justice for those who were abused.

Celestial marriage is a doctrine that marriage can last forever in heaven. This is a unique Within the LDS Church, celestial marriage is an ordinance associated with a covenant that takes place inside to God and to each other and are said to be sealed as husband and wife for time and all eternity. See also[edit].

The New Year is here, and with it comes a renewed hope that propels many of us into enthused goal setting, one of the most common being to find love. Take Action. Be Honest with Yourself. While many singles have a list of the qualities and characteristics they are looking for in a spouse, not all are focused on developing those qualities themselves.

Swiping for salvation: Why Mormon singles put their faith in a dating app

While I was serving as a full-time missionary in the Philippines, my girlfriend who was waiting at home in Christchurch, New Zealand, celebrated her 21st birthday. On this special occasion, a good friend gave her an enduring gift. Using his woodworking skills, he carefully crafted a wooden money box in the shape of the Hamilton NZ Temple.

Mormonism and women

Celestial marriage also called the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage , Eternal Marriage , Temple Marriage or The Principle is a doctrine that marriage can last forever in heaven. Within the LDS Church, celestial marriage is an ordinance associated with a covenant that takes place inside temples by those authorized to hold the sealing power. The only people allowed to enter the temple, be married there, or attend these weddings are those who hold an official temple recommend.



Choosing and Being the Right Spouse



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