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Girl meets world josh and maya kiss fanfiction

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Skip to content. I … maya goes through a few situations. Again, Riley quickly put that photo behind the others, Maya flirting with Lucas. Holding Riley, kissing Topanga.

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Eighteen, A Joshaya Fic

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Disclaimer: I do not own girl meets world or the songs or movies mentioned in this story. I also do not own the title, it is a Sylvia Plath quote. The first time Josh kissed Maya he was eight and she was six, the entire Mathews family along with Maya had gone to spend Fourth of July weekend at the cabin at the lake. When he thought back on it, Mountain Springs Lake really was a beautiful backdrop for a first kiss, even if it was just a peck on the cheek.

Riley, Maya and Josh had been engaged in an intense game of tag one night with some of the other kids in neighbouring cabins, when Josh decided to make his move. He and Maya had somehow ended up hiding behind a huge oak tree as Riley tried to catch all the kids running around. Up until that summer Josh had never thought of liking a girl, as far as he was concerned they all had cooties and he didn't want to catch anything like that.

But Maya was different, she didn't want to play princess or play with dolls, she wanted to climb trees, build tyre swings, jump from the diving board and do all the cool things he liked. He was angry when his mommy told him that Riley would be bringing a friend, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to do anything fun because she would be just like Riley and want to stay indoors all day playing make believe and dress up.

He loved Riley but he wanted to have fun at the lake. He had planned not to talk to Riley's friend all week but as soon as they got there she had somehow convinced Riley to climb the tree behind the cabin and it wasn't long before Josh was following them, laughing as he tried to help Riley catch up to Maya.

To this day he doesn't know what possessed him to do it, maybe it was because the moon light made her look so pretty, or maybe it was because seeing her struggle to keep her laugh in made him really happy, but before he knew what was happening he was leaning in and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

He didn't know what he expected her to do, maybe run away or yell at him, but he did not expect her to giggle and mimic his action. Just as quickly as he had done it, she jumped up and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. He reached up to touch the spot where her lips had been and tried to control his breathing.

That was only one of the many kisses that Maya and Josh would share throughout their lifetimes but few of the kisses that followed it would mean so much to them as that first peck under the moonlight on the third of July. The next time Josh and Maya kissed it was Maya that took the initiative. He was twelve and she was ten and Maya had come to Philly with Cory and the rest of his family to get away from the city in August.

The change in Maya since the last time he had seen her was undeniable, his mother had warned him that she might be a little shaken up because her dad had left. She was still the same cool girl he knew, but she had lost the light behind her eyes she used to have.

She didn't even laugh when they watched School of Rock the night before, the only time he had seen her smile, but really smile like she meant it, was when he grabbed her hand so she wouldn't be scared while watching reruns of Are you Afraid of the Dark?

The kiss occurred one day when his father and Cory were at the store and Topanga had taken Riley grocery shopping. As his mother was upstairs folding laundry, Josh and Maya had opted to stay on the couch watching the old episodes of Icarly that Riley had put on. That was when it happened, she sighed in exasperation and rolled her eyes before quickly leaning over the couch and pressing her lips to his. Their lips barely touched for more than two seconds, but they were the best two seconds of his life.

Despite this though, he couldn't help but feel a little annoyed when she pulled away. I'm supposed to kiss you not the other way around. I'm the boy". Because it may be a lit-" he never found out exactly how she would have ended that sentence because he cut her off by pressing his lips to hers, only this time it lasted a little longer.

This time it was Josh who pulled away, and Maya swore the slight pull she felt on her lower lip as he did so was the most marvellous feeling in the world. The light in her eyes was back. The next time they kissed was not as special, as a matter of fact the entire Mathews family was there to witness it along with Maya's mother and Shawn.

They were eighteen and sixteen respectfully and they were all at Cory and Topanga's on Christmas Eve, Morgan and Eric had even come to celebrate. Of course Eric being the incredible big brother that he was, was not about to miss an opportunity to cause his little bro any embarrassment. When Maya opened the door to Josh and the opportunity presented itself, Eric grabbed at it enthusiastically. Pucker up guys". Josh and Malala are under the mistletoe, you know what that means" he made kissy faces at them.

The first time their tongues touched was the most unromantic situation imaginable. Neither of them meant for it to happen and they both woke up the next morning with headaches and an unavoidable feeling of regret sinking deep in their stomachs. She wasn't even supposed to be here, she was a junior in High school what was she doing in an NYU dorm at a party?

Despite having beat anyone that dared challenge them on the beer pong table, they were both drunk by the end of the night. Josh had somehow convinced Maya to stay and enjoy the party with him and somewhere between dancing to Talk Dirty and International Love they wound up in his dorm room engaged in an incredibly heated kiss. Josh couldn't tell where is mouth stopped and hers began but he wasn't about to stop her. He had been dreaming of kissing her like this for as long as he could remember.

By the time Maya's phone started ringing, she was lying underneath josh on his bed as he played with the buttons on her shirt, his having been discarded long ago. Josh felt like screaming as soon as he heard the door close behind her. He had just blown his chance with the girl of his dreams. What the hell was he thinking? They were both drunk, this never should have happened, not like this.

It was supposed to be romantic, it was supposed to be special. He would never forgive himself for this. How far would they have gone if Riley hadn't called? How could he possibly let her do this when she had been drinking? They didn't see one another for months after.

As a matter of fact, they didn't see each other again until that august when the Mathews made their annual trip to Philly in august, this time alongside Maya, Shawn and a very pregnant Katie Hunter. Needless to say, they avoided each other like the plague and they were both as miserable as possible. Now what happened? It's really getting on everyone's nerves".

It was completely consensual, we had both been drinking, it was just as much my fault as it was yours. I wanted to". What would have happened if Riley hadn't called you?

Like that, you deserve so much more Maya. I'm so sorry". It was a big deal back then and it's a big deal now. Obviously you don't feel the same way but sorry I can't go back to the way things were because I'm falling in love with you! And I'm so tired of-" josh would have loved to have finished his sentence but, as was the habit with them, Maya cut him off my kissing him. Somehow, while he was ranting she had jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist as she did so, and attacked his lips.

Not that he was complaining, as soon as he realised what was happening he responded by pulling her legs tighter around him and pressing her against the door as he kissed her back enthusiastically. He quickly responded by pecking her on the mouth. I've been trying to keep up with you since". Do you think you'll be able to keep a secret for a little while".

As it turns out, their little secret Paradise lasted for months, following them to the NYU dorm room Maya shared with Riley, much to Riley's dismay.

Of course she was happy that they were dating, but she was pretty sure if they didn't find somewhere else to have their rendezvous, she was going to out them just to be able to get some alone time. Luckily for her though, they did eventually let their family know that they had finally made the jump from friends to something more, although it wasn't very intentional.

Josh had been home for Christmas break for a week already and he was missing Maya like crazy, so when his parents informed him that they would be heading to the city the day before Christmas Eve, he started counting the seconds to when he would see her again. When he arrived and saw her standing in the kitchen, he couldn't control himself. Just like when they were children, it was like his body was on autopilot, he walked right over and pulled her into his arms for a kiss.

You're fooling no one, you're happy". A few years later they found themselves back on square one, the cabin at Mountain Spring Lake. The entire family was there to once again spend the Fourth of July week only this time it was Shawn and Katy's three year old twin sons trying to climb the trees and Augie and Ava swinging on the tyre swing. Riley spent her time walking around the lake with Lucas, trying to enjoy every minute of the summer before he had to head back to Illinois to finish his last year at North Western.

Maya and Josh on the other hand, spent their days trying to relax and soak up the sun as a means to recover from the chaotic last few days they had had trying to move into their new apartment. The day before the picnic and fireworks he had somehow convinced her to ditch their family in favour of a date night. They kept it simple, a trip to the local diner and a walk around the town. That was the great thing about their relationship, they didn't need excitement or distractions; they were content to simply be with one another.

They finally arrived back at the cabin at around nine thirty but Josh for some reason was insistent on them taking a trip around the back.

There engraved in the tree were there initials. I know we've only been dating for three years and I know we're young and still figuring life out but I want to figure it out with you.

I love you so much, so what do you say? Maya Penelope Hart, will you make me the luckiest man on earth and agree to marry me? So this is where they ended up, in the same place they started. Kissing under the oak tree at Mountain Springs Lake, both happier than they could ever imagine they would be.

She said yes" Suddenly Maya was being bombarded with hugs and kisses, both from her old family and her new one. I love you". So yes Maya and Josh had shared a lot of kisses throughout their life together and of course some meant more than others but they all meant something. It was the way they spoke to one another. Sometimes a kiss could mean I like you, just like their first, other times it was a way to show affection when they weren't allowed to otherwise. Sometimes it meant something as simple as hello, or please or thank you but behind every kiss there was one common thought.

Each kiss was a way to show how much they meant to one another.

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/ Lucaya fanfic)

Tonight was the night: senior prom. Riley and Maya had been waiting their whole high school careers for this night and were super excited that it was finally happening. The two of them, along with Isadora Smackle, spent the whole day at Riley's, pampering themselves and getting ready, and now they were applying the finishing touches. She wore dark purple gloves that went up past her elbows to match her purple ombre mermaid dress.

Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text. It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple.

I apologize. Hope you all like it:. The gang, along with the rest of their high school history class, had just arrived at a ski lodge in Connecticut for their first weekend filed trip of high school. This is a weekend away from school.

A few minutes later he heard a knock on the bay window in the living room. He opened it to see his girlfriend looking like a beautiful mess. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder indicating that he wanted her to lay down with him. She got the idea and rested her head on his chest and her arm around his waist. He smiled and kissed her forehead, then rested his chin on the top her head. With his hand on her back, he closed his eyes too. They fell asleep for a while until Cory walked in, saw them, and screamed. His scream startled them and they sprung up so fast that Josh fell off the couch.

I'm not sure how I feel about it since it extremely deviated from the prompt like ALOT, but hope it still works. Also this will be a series of Joshaya oneshots so send me prompts! Enjoy :. I'm booking myself a one-way flight I gotta see the color in your eyes Yeah tellin' myself I'm gonna be alright Without you baby is a waste of time. Josh looked up from the display of bracelets to meet his eldest brother's curious gaze.

Prompt: From Guest — Can you do a Joshaya story where they kiss for the first time? Maya couldn't believe she was actually here.

Maya is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Kermit and Katy. She is Riley Matthews ' best friend. Maya isn't one of the best students in school, but she still looks up to Cory Matthews as a father figure. She is deeply loyal to Riley, as Riley is to her.

She looked over at Riley and Lucas, they were sitting close together and whispering about something. Looking way more like a couple than her and Lucas ever could. What's going on with you anyways?

Disclaimer: I do not own girl meets world or the songs or movies mentioned in this story. I also do not own the title, it is a Sylvia Plath quote. The first time Josh kissed Maya he was eight and she was six, the entire Mathews family along with Maya had gone to spend Fourth of July weekend at the cabin at the lake. When he thought back on it, Mountain Springs Lake really was a beautiful backdrop for a first kiss, even if it was just a peck on the cheek. Riley, Maya and Josh had been engaged in an intense game of tag one night with some of the other kids in neighbouring cabins, when Josh decided to make his move.

They all had given her very thoughtful gifts. Her mom and Shawn got her a ring with a small script M on it, which immediately took its place on her right ring finger, two over from the friendship ring Riley got her years earlier. Cory and Topanga got her a watercolor set and an easel, keeping a tradition of getting her art supplies as gifts, which she loved, and Riley bought her a jacket she kept dropping hints that she wanted. She loved them all. She just loved that he came. She grew to find value in the little things.

“Season 4 would've shown that what drew Farkle, Lucas and Zay to Riley and Maya was the deep friendship and respect they had for each other.

Now in case you didint know I ship Joshaya and Lucaya but after girl meets tell tale tot I think I ship Joshaya a little bit more but if Joshaya dosent prevail then I want Lucaya but I'm a mega Joshaya fan now but I'm still into Lucaya though. Have you ever felt a moment in life when something good happens but something bad happens at the same time the whole of today was like that. Josh sees me better now but we still have a three year age difference which is the bad news. I hear a knock on my window, why would Riley be here at this time of night? Probably because she wants to talk to me about Josh.

It's part of the At The Party series. It might be the last, probably will be, in that series. Although I might write more companion one shots that fit into that AU future.

Shawn Hunter couldn't believe a lot of things in his life right now. He couldn't believe he was happily married to someone as wonderful as Katy Hart, and he couldn't believe they were expecting a child to be born in just a few weeks. He also couldn't believe that Maya was actually his daughter and that she and Riley were now officially high school graduates.





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