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The episode was written by series co-creators David Benioff and D. Weiss , [1] and directed by Neil Marshall. As they keep watch atop the Wall for the coming invasion, Jon and Samwell discuss Jon's relationship with Ygritte during his time with the wildlings. At a nearby camp, the Thenn Warg scouts the Wall using an owl, while Ygritte declares that Jon is hers to kill. Their reunion is cut short by horns signaling that Mance Rayder 's army has arrived. Jon sees a massive fire burning on the north side of the Wall, and he and his brothers complete preparations for battle.

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‘Game of Thrones’ actress Bella Ramsey talks about Lyanna Mormont’s fight with the giant

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Little Lyanna — the spunky head of House Mormont — stood no real chance, but she went out on a rousing note, stabbing the wight in the eye with dragonglass and thereby saving countless compatriots. In a phone interview on Monday, we spoke with the year-old actress about the Battle of Winterfell and what it was like to go down fighting. Following are edited excerpts. What was your reaction to the episode, and seeing your own magnificent death scene? It was so intense! The tension of it all, your heart is just pounding.

It was insane. It was amazing. Were you expecting to die? I was shocked, in a good way. What kind of direction did Miguel Sapochnik give you for your fight scene?

She knows what she has to do. She wanted to make a difference. It looked quite painful. Oh, yes. When you watch it back, you can hear him crushing her ribs. But I think her adrenaline got her through it. She was in a lot of pain, but at that moment, her aim was to kill the giant. The way I thought about it, she was taking her last breath to do this.

It was her final moment before he squeezed her to death. That you were held up by a claw-like crane? Yeah, I was in a massive claw machine. The machine was like a robot, I guess.

It had a series of moves, to shake me about and make it look like I was being lifted up by a giant. That was really cool. The polystyrene ball, too, had these little squares cut out, and I had to get it in between the squares, so it was quite technical, actually.

But we got it there in the end. He was very, very, very tall. I never felt that small in my whole life. Tormund Giantsbane told a story in the previous episode about how he got his nickname. If she had lived, Lyanna Mormont could have been Lyanna Giantsbane. Or Lyanna Giantslayer!

That would be cool. Why not? Well, it looked like she got to come back as a wight, at least for a moment. What was that like for you? Oh, that was fun! But the contacts hurt a bit, because of the restricted views. That was a very strange experience. I had to lie on the floor for like four hours, shivering, because the floor was really cold. But it was amazing. I never got to actually get up and fight as a wight, though. I just opened my eyes. And to shoot that, I had to open my eyes a lot, at all these different speeds.

Slowly open. Slap them open. With the deaths of both Lyanna and Jorah, House Mormont is now extinct. But at least they got to make peace with each other before the battle. Yeah, you saw a very rare thing for Lyanna, which is warmth.

But we saw a bit behind the tough mask. There have been so many great things on the internet! I love it when people use her death stare on the horse. She knows that people need to know where they stand. If she had gotten a chance to talk to Cersei, what do you think she would say? Oh, yes!

They would have a bit of a standoff. And if Lyanna had a dragon, she might have taken her down. No, wait.

Lyanna would have to tell her how she felt. She would tell her the truth. It would have been cool. Home Page World U.

Lyanna Mormont, Giant Slayer, Never Expected to Last This Long

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Lyanna Mormont

Thank you so much for talking to me. Yes, this is my seventh one of the day. And what did you think when you were watching? Yeah, my heart was beating, definitely. Have you finally caught up on all of the episodes? Did you worry that she was going to die? Or did you hope that she would make it through till the end? It sounds terrible, but I wanted her to die a great death.

The Watchers on the Wall

Little Lyanna — the spunky head of House Mormont — stood no real chance, but she went out on a rousing note, stabbing the wight in the eye with dragonglass and thereby saving countless compatriots. In a phone interview on Monday, we spoke with the year-old actress about the Battle of Winterfell and what it was like to go down fighting. Following are edited excerpts. What was your reaction to the episode, and seeing your own magnificent death scene?

She was named after Lyanna Stark , who died years before she was born.

Lyanna Mormont was only ever meant to be a one-scene character, show-runner D. Weiss revealed after this week's episode of G ame of Thrones. However they were so impressed with actress Bella Ramsey that they "kept bringing her back because we wanted more.

Lyanna Mormont Stood Taller Than Giants

While most of her peers hid out in the crypt — not exactly a safe move , it turns out — Lyanna, Lady of Bear Island, bravely fought against the Night King and his army as they set upon Winterfell. With her dying breath, the young head of House Mormont stabbed the giant in the eye and killed him — like, for good this time. It was a move replicated later in the episode by another teenage girl from the North, Arya Stark, who slayed the Night King and saved all of humanity in the process. I was pretty excited.

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Shireen is regarded as a sweet child, but she is not considered pretty. She has blue eyes, but inherited her father's square, jutting jaw, and her mother's large ears. When Shireen was an infant, she suffered from greyscale. The disease almost killed her, and left her disfigured. Cressen , Dragonstone's maester , feels that her sadness is a mark of his failure. As the daughter and heir of Stannis, Shireen resides in Dragonstone and is educated by Maester Cressen.

Tonight's episode of Game of Thrones was always going to be a heartbreaker. With last episode seeming to bring so many characters' arcs to an end, it was basically anyone's guess about who would be saying goodbye in the Battle of Winterfell. The Night King and his giant army of wights and White Walkers wanted nothing less than the destruction of Westeros and its people, and we said goodbye to many a favorite, including one of the Night's Watch's last men, Dolorous Edd, and the Lord of Light's fave, Beric Dondarrion. But one of the deaths that hurt the most was Lyanna Mormont's. A favorite since we first heard of her in season 5, when she affirmed her house's allegiance to the King in the North, Lyanna played by Bella Ramsey has stolen the scene in every one of her appearances. Her final living breath was no different. In the brutal battle, she was gripped by a giant wight, who picked her up and crushed her small body to death. But, true to heroic form, she took advantage of her closeness to the creature and stabbed it in the eye, killing it.

I went off into the cave alone, making you all follow after me into a death trap just so I could You got see a real dragon, right before that crazy sidhe girl killed Kiessling - - ‎Fiction.

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