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How can i be a good wife and mother

Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. But wait. Because, it is not. Read on. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to being a good wife.


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How To Be A Great Wife, While Being A Great Mother?

Balancing how to be a good mom and wife at the same time can be very challenging. For many women, it often seems difficult to be great at one and still find the energy to be great at the other. And truthfully, the role that tends to suffer most is being a wife.

Is it going to be easy? The mistake most women make is giving too much of themselves in an effort to make everyone they love happy. They end up operating on a nearly empty tank because they try to meet every need their child ren have, while they try to maintain a happy marriage. I have a crazy idea, though. What if you tried to put your own needs first?

I know it sounds almost impossible. How can a mom and a wife possibly put herself first? Are there things you can do to make it all work well? I love all of my close girlfriends. Moms are infamous for letting themselves go, both after marriage and after having kids. It makes you happier and healthier, and it ultimately improves the most important relationships in your life. Going on dates with your spouse is important, but so is going on dates with your child ren and yourself.

Taking that time to connect makes all the difference. One thing many moms do is to show their children they can do everything better than dad. Pray with your spouse, pray with your children, pray as a family, and pray by yourself. Prayer works. These tips on how to be a good mom and wife will help you keep a good balance between three important roles: a mom, a wife, and a healthy and beautiful self.

This is indeed a challenging responsibility, but this is what every married woman should learn. It allows you to have fun with yourself while you take two other family duties at the same time. Apply these tips now and become a superwoman for your family! Leave them in the comments section below! Martine Foreman is a speaker, writer, lifestyle consultant, and ACE-certified Health Coach who specializes in helping moms who want more out of life but feel overwhelmed and confused.

Through her content and services, Martine is committed to helping women embrace their personal truth, gain clarity, and take action to create healthier, happier lives. For more on Martine's candid views on life and love, visit her at candidbelle. To work with her, visit her at martineforeman. Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, two kids and sassy cat Pepper.

Wonderful tips! I do at least eight of these things already. Thank you Martine. Im hoping to realize all my flaws in my realtionship and as a parent and stop criticizing others to male me feel like that makes me a good wife and mother. I have a long way to go. I keep pointing fingers at everyone else and minding what they do in their lives when I need to point one finger at me.

Thank you for this article! This article has put a different perspective to how I see things now. Hi Cece!

Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. I am so glad the post offered some fresh perspective. Juggling the many roles we have can be really tough. I hope the tips help you create a happier life for YOU and for your family! Wishing you the best! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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I am not sure about you, but when I read Proverbs 31 , I am utterly intimidated by this woman. She is no ordinary woman—this is superwoman on steroids! Honestly, I get tired just reading this chapter in Proverbs. I can understand why this woman was loved and revered by her family.

I think one of the biggest identity crises that a married woman can face is whether or not she can be a good wife and a good mother at the same time. I recently shared a Facebook Live Video about this. I received a massive response from wives struggling with this very issue.

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10 characteristics of a great wife and mother

But what do you tell the father of a screaming infant when he feels horribly rejected by his exhausted and harassed wife? What reassurance can he be given that she loves and desires him as much as ever, when the evidence of his own eyes is so obviously to the contrary? There he is, shoved aside in the marital bed to make room for an intruder, one who, moreover, is snuggled up against your breast - where he likes to be - and quite probably nuzzling it as well. He's trying to tell you about some corporate crisis at work, and how he overcame it, and you're only - at best - half listening or, at worst, actually dropping off to sleep. Meanwhile, he's busy wondering how his natty little two-door sports car was exchanged for a five-door tank filled with baby seats, mobiles and stickers. I exaggerate, of course. There's no shared happiness like that created by a new baby, no greater sense of wonder; and no greater sense of achievement as the infant begins to grow, smile, walk and talk, and generally become a successful, cheerful, well-adjusted child. But truly, I got tired - terribly tired. And cross. And confused.

30 Ways to Be a (Much) Better Wife

Balancing how to be a good mom and wife at the same time can be very challenging. For many women, it often seems difficult to be great at one and still find the energy to be great at the other. And truthfully, the role that tends to suffer most is being a wife. Is it going to be easy?

Getting married was perhaps the most exciting thing you did…until you had a baby.

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The Balancing Act: Be Both a Cool Mom and a Super Wife!

Marriage is tricky. Even trickier. We've got you covered.

When you're married with kids and you have a thriving career, the first thing that slips away in your daily life is "you time. The good news: it doesn't take much to get the latter back on track. If you believe the top relationship experts and you should! So try these small, totally doable actions, and you'll find that they have maximum impact on your collective happiness. If you don't ever say this, do it today. It's easy to forget to do this.

The One Thing I Changed that Made Me a Better Wife and Mom

When a woman becomes a mom, her life can feel so overwhelming that her role as a wife takes a backseat. Motherhood can be too demanding to leave time or energy for anything else. Beware moms! Both you and your husband deserve a fulfilling marriage for which you must learn how to be a good wife and mother at the same time. Only a woman can truly appreciate the efforts that go into balancing the scales of being a good mother and a great wife. Both are time and energy consuming and can be daunting to do justice to together. However, try out the following suggestions and you may well be able to walk this tightrope with a smile! While it may seem like the wackiest idea you have ever heard, in reality being a great wife and mom can actually be easier once you start prioritising yourself.

Jun 6, - Being a better wife is something I have to remind myself of often. In a way being a mother is something that comes naturally for me.

Who is a good wife and mother? There are many opinions with holy books among them. A woman plays a number of roles in her life. She is a daughter and a sister, a wife and a mother.

8 Proven Ways To Balance Being An Amazing Wife And Mom

Being a good wife is not easy, even if you have a near-perfect spouse. To be a good wife, you have to be able to communicate effectively, to keep your romance alive, and to be your spouse's best friend while maintaining your own identity. If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps.

7 Habits to Be a Good Mom for Your Little Ones

Within a year and a half, we had our first child. And now, 10 years later, we just had our 4th baby. I can whip up a batch of cookies in under 10 minutes flat, I know the best way to get poop, spit up, play-doh, and pretty much any other substance out of carpet, I can stealthily open and consume a full bag of chocolate chips these ones!





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