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How to look good at school guys

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Ever wanted to be like those guys who are always looking good and have all girls staring at them all the time and all guys thinking they are in control? Well, read on and soon people will be noticing you a lot more and thinking of you as handsome and cool. To be one of the best looking guys in school, make sure to leave the house every day looking clean and presentable. Keep your hair clean and styled, using a little bit of gel or pomade to keep it in place all day.

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10 Style Tips For Young Men | How To Dress Sharp As A Younger Guy | Men’s Fashion Advice

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In this style guide for teen guys, you will find practical tips that will help you become more stylish and fashionable. Learn simple hacks that will make you more approachable instantly and fashion pitfalls to avoid. This is where most relationships start, where people get a general idea of what kind of person you are, and where you make long lasting friendships that will go on for years if not forever.

That being said, making a great first impression is very critical. Sure, they might not be that harsh, but you get the idea. Below you will find simple, no-nonsense style tips that will help you identify that style that suits you the most. Having a trendy hairstyle does not mean that you have the right one.

Imagine the action movie star, Vin Diesel can rock that bald look, but have you ever thought about what he would look like with shoulder-length hair? Just because undercuts are in these days does not mean that they will suit you, this is the same for every haircut that you might find cool on someone else. Sure you could get the exact same haircut as Chris Pratt, with all the styles and textures, but does it actually suit you?

The answer is it may or it may not. You will want to find a hairstyle that fits your hair color, the shape of your face, and your facial features. Read this post to get inspiration for the perfect hairstyle. Another thing is you want your hairstyle to be an integral part of your overall look. If your hair stands out too much, you could be doing something wrong. Your aim is to get people to notice you, not just your hair.

Take a look in the mirror and see your overall body type, does your hair make your head look too big? If it does, a thinner hairstyle may suit you more, and vice versa if you think your hair makes your head look too small.

Another thing you could try is to determine your face shape and see which hairstyles fit you best. Having a lot of them all over your shirt gives you this dirty, rugged look as compared to the neater, fresh vibe that solid colors can give.

We are not saying that graphics t-shirts are all bad, we are just saying they are harder to work because of how much they stand out. Simple graphics are fine — it can help make the outfit less bland but you should probably avoid t-shirts with like an eastern-style dragon wrapping its heads and tails around the shirt. A lot of boys these days seem to go for these shirts and polos with small repetitive patterns.

Yes, those baggy cargo shorts have to go. This is not to say that the shorter your shorts are, the better. You will want to pick ones that cover either half of your knee-cap or a tad bit higher. Wearing below-the-knee shorts only leave a small gap between your shorts and your footwear, thus giving the illusion that you have short legs, the opposite gives you a fresh and cooler look. Heed my words because this is critical. Engrave it in your mind that a bad posture can make even the best outfits look terrible.

There are men who can wear anything and still look good. Now try to notice what they all have in common. Disregarding the facial features, what makes them look good regardless of what they wear? Try your best to get your chest out, pull the stomach in and raise your head a bit.

Accessories might look really good on their own, but does it look good when they are worn casually? How about all together? Most of the time, the answer is a big NO. Think about it, on a daily basis, how many people actually wear a spiky wristband or maybe even a necklace that looks like it was straight out of a Marvel movie?

Sure it looks nice and detailed but is it really as good as you think it is though? Fits with your overall outfit? Probably no. Always remember that the accessories are there to enhance your look, not ruin it. A lot of teenagers, whether a boy or a girl, are inclined to the colors black and white. While these colors are usually a decent choice, relying on them too much can make you look bland.

Pick a good solid color, maybe even a flat one and try it out. The truth is — a lot. It almost makes them look cool and more often than not, it does. When it comes to style, wearing the right outfit is one thing, but the confidence to match it is like the cherry on top. Scroll down to see more. If you like this article, help us to spread the word by sharing this image to your Pinterest or click the Social Media icons on the above to start sharing.

Urban Men Outfits. Hairstyles All Grooming Tips. Style Tip 1. Get the right hairstyle. One that fits your face and body. Style Tip 2. Style Tip 3. Style Tip 4. Style Tip 5. Avoid baggy, below-the-knee shorts Yes, those baggy cargo shorts have to go. Style Tip 6. Style Tip 7. Style Tip 8. Experiment with colors — there are more colors than just black and white A lot of teenagers, whether a boy or a girl, are inclined to the colors black and white.

Style Tip 9. Contact Us About. As an Amazon Associate, this website earns from qualifying purchases.

A Beginner’s Guide: 16 Essential Style Tips For Guys Who Want to Dress Better

High School Boys Outfits -Every high school student knows that style is imperative and when it comes to getting noticed. Well, the first and foremost thing while selecting any outfit is that it should be comfortable and compliment your personality but, always try to keep your look personal while choosing an outfit. By doing this you will stand out from the crowd.

In this style guide for teen guys, you will find practical tips that will help you become more stylish and fashionable. Learn simple hacks that will make you more approachable instantly and fashion pitfalls to avoid.

Updated: April 26, Reader-Approved References. Whether or not mornings are a challenge for you, making the most of the limited time you have before you have to leave makes a huge difference. No matter if it's the first day, the last day, or sometime in between, getting ready by cleaning and dressing is an easy process and will have you looking great in no time. Plus, looking good for school can make you feel more confident, helping you be a better student! Pack your bag with your books and homework the night before so you have more time in the morning to get ready.

How to Dress Well: 20 Must-Follow Rules for Men

Updated: December 17, References. Even if you don't have a lot of money, there's a lot of things you can do to look rich to other people. Looking rich will earn you more respect from people. You can look rich by taking care of your body properly, wearing great looking clothes and accessories, and by acting like you have all the money in the world. You can make yourself look rich to others by dressing well and acting confident even if you aren't a wealthy guy. Try to stick to a business casual or preppy style every day by wearing button-down shirts, jeans, or khakis. Avoid T-shirts with logos on them and shorts, since these casual items will make you look cheap and tacky. Make sure that your clothes fit you properly so that they look more tailored.

9 Style Tips for Teen Guys

Back to school shopping guides can be confusing. How do you make a guide that fits both a high school freshman and a college senior? Once you have the bare essentials down, you can than direct your wardrobe towards a particular style. Often those shirts are boxy and not flattering at all. For a nice slim fitting shirt at a reasonable price, I recommend Uniqlo Tees.

Dressing well is a skill.

You never grew up with much interest in personal style, and you never developed a natural instinct for how you should dress. And even though you can find a ton of information online, it confuses and overwhelms you more than it helps you understand. You just have no clue what you should be focusing on. And when I decided to step up from hoodies and graphic t-shirts to something more respectable, I had a hard time figuring out the dress code for a casual evening or a formal event.

20 Cool Outfits for Guys That Instantly Make Them a Million Times Hotter

Under 25? Your image is more important than you may have been taught earlier on. Don't let clothing issues get in the way of your reputation both in and out of the office. This post is brought to you by Vincero.

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A guy might look totally blah most of the time, but then one day he walks into geometry class looking like a supermodel sculpted by Greek gods and you wonder to yourself: What happened? What changed? Well, it's probably because he woke up and just decided to throw on one of the following clothing items — clothing items that instantly mysteriously make members of the male gender a million times hotter for unknown reasons. Don't believe me? Just keep on scrolling while I prove my point. Every single outfit on this list is guaranteed to make a guy look waaaaay more attractive, like, immediately.

20 Cute Outfits for High School Guys- Fashion Tips and Trends


Footwear is pretty much the same ruling as your hair. Shoes need to look right with your outfit, as they enhance your overall personality. D. Martens are great.


The Back To School Shopping Guide For Guys







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