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How to look like a viking man

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Modern culture has very firm ideas about what the Vikings looked like, well encapsulated by their presentation in the show Vikings. Tall, blonde, burly, with long beards and a bit dishevelled from their hard life as warriors. We imagine them as a fearful race! How to be like a real viking?

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49 Viking Hairstyles

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November 21, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. Historically, the Vikings were Norse explorers especially famed for their ruthlessness and also for their looks. So discover all the Viking hairstyles we picked — ranging from traditional Scandinavian haircuts to modern adaptations to wear any and every day! However, experts draw the following conclusions based on research :.

Be that as it may, the Viking appearance we are all accustomed to can best be described as rugged. With long hair , rugged beards , and a fierce attitude, Vikings are generally associated with images like the one below. What if you want a Viking-inspired hairstyle that is adapted and adaptable to modern times?

In addition, allow your hair to grow to medium-length or even let it pass the shoulders. Man bun hairstyles have been extremely popular these past few years, particularly among guys with long and thick hair. If you plan on sporting a Viking-like look on a daily basis, a hairstyle like the man bun will become necessary thanks to both its practical and aesthetic benefits.

Alternatively, you can also switch to ponytail hairstyles from time to time. The long sidelocks, braids, and overall long hair in the style below instantly make you think of Vikings.

So, if you already have both, feel free to leave them as they are, including by letting your hair down. Undercut hairstyles for men also play a significant role in Viking hairstyles.

Rock yours with a man bun to show off the shaven part. If you want your Viking hairstyle to have even more of a bad boy edge to it, pair it with a mohawk!

Adding two thin braids can do the trick, for example! Are you currently rocking a Viking-inspired hairstyle with an undercut and long hair? Then further experiment with styling by wrapping your long locks into a ponytail in the back. The back-braided halo is also a nice touch and serves to add oomph! And Bjorn is just one of the characters on the show that is a clear reference for a cool Norse hairstyle. Want your hairstyle to exude extreme edginess? Then try a Viking mohawk with long, heavily teased hair.

You can easily achieve the look by backcombing the top part of your hair and using some hair product to make sure it stays in place.

Then combine your rough beard with an easier haircut, such as the crew cut. Add an undercut to the mix for extra style. Another memorable character from the Vikings series is Ragnar — especially when it comes down to hairstyles. He shows that shaved sides hairstyles for men are just as fierce as they sound, and even more so when you combine them with a longer top. Some guys prefer simplicity, while others enjoy using their imagination for their Viking hairstyles. In the example below, you can see a creative and complex mohawk updo with two large knots.

The side braids help obtain and accentuate the mohawk effect. Then pick a Viking hairstyle that features both. For the top part, cut your hair shorter so it will be easier to handle.

As for the back, either leave your hair down or get dreadlocks. Even though many involve scraggy beards and long hair, it all narrows down to the way you choose to style them. Try out the sleek hairstyle and beard style below for a sleek look. Braids appear in a multitude of hairstyles associated with the Vikings. Whether the long hair is woven into a single braid or just sections of it are braided, the results will look fantastic either way.

You can even add numerous braids throughout the hair. Not all of those who explore Viking hairstyles have super long hair. In fact, quite a few have pretty short locks. If your hair resembles that shown in the photo below, you can opt for an easy short ponytail with an undercut.

There are few hairstyles that have such a big visual impact as the undercut with the long top shown here. The key to mastering this hairstyle is to allow the hair to grow down to your chin and then shave the sides and back. In this situation, you can go for a business casual hairstyle with a neat man bun and trimmed down beard.

Thanks to the length of your hair, you have plenty of creative hairstyles to test out. Aside from all the man buns and ponytails we talked about already, have fun with half up half down hairstyles that combine them all! All you have to do is style the top part of your hair to resemble a mohawk — this can be accomplished with some strong hold hair cream, gel, or wax.

Facial hair is just as important for getting the Viking look as is the rest of your hair. If you have the necessary patience to grow a long beard, then you can also start styling it with Viking elements. The long twist pictured below is a good example. You may not want your hair to be all over the place all the time.

For this, we recommend a Viking look with an upbraided hairstyle. After braiding the top, tuck the tips under the main part with a few hairpins. Often, it means styling your hair messily without giving it too much attention.

A disheveled man bun is just what you need, particularly if your hair is cut in layers. When you have more time on your hands, braid the top portion of your hair and wrap the rest in a ponytail with multiple ties.

As an alternative, you can choose a half up hairstyle with braids. Moreover, this look works for formal and everyday wear alike. You may not be in the mood for extravagant hairstyles every day. However, you can still add a Viking touch to your look without spending that much time on it. Simply tie up a part of the hair and make a thin braid on another. We recommend it as an easy hairstyle for guys with long hair and with just a bit of twisting to pull the locks back.

Cornrows are undoubtedly one of the most popular braids for men out there. They look amazing on all sorts of guys, whether or not they have beards or not — or a handlebar mustache.

Never forget about the beard, fellas! If yours is notably long, have just as much fun styling it as you do with head hair. To get a Viking vibe, consider sectioning your long beard in two and braiding each part separately.

In fact, the look will flatter men of any age. We have already made it clear that man buns are extremely popular among Viking hairstyles. Nevertheless, if you want to boost the Norse touch of the hairstyle, think about leaving half of your hair down and out of the man bun. Not all Viking looks have to include tight braids or dramatically shaven sides.

Quite the contrary — many of them are actually loosely styled. To look cool but still feel comfortable, opt for a loosely braided Viking hairstyle. All you need is the right approach to styling to get a Viking-inspired hairstyle. The swept-back look below, for example, is perfect for men no matter the hair length.

Casually comb it back and add a touch of product. The Viking style here can be rocked in practically any setting. Your hairstyle will definitely attract the admiration of those around you. Not everyone is up for the idea of shaving the sides of their head for a real mohawk.

Still, you can get a similar look with even more of a Viking vibe by braiding the sides. Get inspired and style the top in a messy mohawk. You can also recreate the look with temporary tattoos. For example, gather a large part of the top part and quickly tie it in a ponytail. A barber can create shaved designs in an undercut to make it seem as if you would have real tattoos in that area. The long and braided mohawk is also a terrific touch.

You can never go wrong with a low ponytail. You can also pair it with a goatee , as in the example below. You can instantly get a cool Viking look if you use braiding techniques. Oftentimes, if you have long hair, you just need to braid the sides and leave a few braids down to get the perfect look. Tease the top for a mohawk effect. For an authentic Viking look, you might want to consider using the undercut with long hair idea below. Use the hair length to your advantage and create a long braid to the side.

The hairstyle works for all men, no matter their hair texture. A traditional Viking hairstyle may not be appropriate for certain social situations.

A wonderful way to style long hair in these cases is with a classy, pulled back braid. Look into Dutch braiding styles to learn more about the technique used in making it. Volume is great for getting the rugged aspect connected to Viking styles.

49 Viking Hairstyles

Viking hairstyles are edgy, rugged and cool. Below, check out the best traditional short and long Viking hairstyles for men. Viking haircut styles are often all about long, thick hair on top with short or shaved sides.

Today when many people think of the Vikings they often tend to think of them as being tall, dirty, and violent with horned helmets. There is a lot of different sources available from the Viking age to us, about their physical appearance, but the most important source is probably from excavations, where there has been found around Viking skeletons in Denmark. The average Viking was cm inches shorter than we are today.

Inspired by the epic hairstyles Nordic warriors wore on the battlefield, Viking hairstyles are usually defined by their edgy, rugged appearance, and are surprisingly similar to many of the popular hairstyles you see today. From man buns to undercuts and messy beards , a lot of your preferred styles actually take after cool historic Viking haircuts. If you want to unleash your inner Viking, just check out the best traditional and modern Viking hairstyles for men, below. Try your hand at the half-up bun.

What Did Vikings Really Look Like?

We have picked out five myths from the resulting debate and asked researchers to help us confirm or bust these myths. Armed with this information, our graphic designer then took a shot at drawing some examples of our infamous forefathers, which you can see in our picture gallery. Unwashed, rough warriors with froth hanging out of the corners of the mouth. Popular culture portrays the Viking as a somewhat filthy person. The finds suggest that cleanliness meant a lot to the Vikings. Written sources from medieval England also back up this view. In his chronicle from — a couple of centuries after the Vikings had ravaged England — John of Wallingford described the Vikings as well-groomed heartbreakers:. The men had long fringes and short hair on the back of the head," she says, adding that the beard could be short or long, but it was always well-groomed.

26 Stylish Viking Hairstyles For Rugged Men

Vikings are more popular than ever. I get emails and messages from all over the world now, people are telling me they are fascinated by the Viking Age and they all want to bring more of that Viking zest into their life. And many want to look like Vikings too. So I thought I would write a piece on that. What did the Vikings look like?

We love the idea of a good Viking school in Norway, in the article published this week. To prepare yourself before you go, though, here are a few simple pointers to be more Viking in your daily life:.

Picture a Viking. Do you see a young, strong, red- or blonde-haired man in front of you? Perhaps there is something in this. They are like date palms and their skin is reddish".

What Vikings really looked like

November 21, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. Historically, the Vikings were Norse explorers especially famed for their ruthlessness and also for their looks. So discover all the Viking hairstyles we picked — ranging from traditional Scandinavian haircuts to modern adaptations to wear any and every day!


What did the Vikings look like?


In fact, Viking style haircuts are similar to many of today's hottest looks. Below, check out the best traditional short and long Viking hairstyles for men. If you've got.


50+ Viking Hairstyles to Channel that Inner Warrior (+Video)


How to be a bit more Viking






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