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How to make a girlfriend not mad at you

Being mad is a normal thing for a person to feel. Even your loved ones, especially your girlfriend, can get angry from time to time. But is her anger puzzling you? Bottling up emotions can make your girlfriend overwhelmed with her anger. You will be the one that has to deal with it.

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Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend When She’s Mad

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! The last thing you want to deal with is a pissed off girlfriend, but it does happen. When you care about someone, there are bound to be emotions on the rise.

If you try to control an angry girl, you will force her to be defensive and push her to say the opposite of what you need to hear.

If she says something nasty, you are best to not react, as hard as that is. Being angry is a completely normal part of being human. This is going to help your relationship become smoother and so much happier. It will do you no good to get angry at her being mad.

The last thing you want to do is get pissed at her for her feeling the way she is. Your girlfriend wants to know you are on her team and looking to understand her point of view. When your girl gets mad, you need to give her the venue to understand her emotions and make a real effort to relate to her. This will actually make you move closer together. If your girlfriend is angry, you need to stop what you are doing and open your ears to start listening.

Never let her vent on and on just because she wants to. Never is a million years does she deserve the opportunity to put her anger on you and treat you poorly because of this. She is in charge of her own happiness. If you are going to try to tell her not to be mad, you are wasting your time. Think about the things that might infuriate a woman. More often than not, you are just sorry you got caught or called out on something.

The last thing a girlfriend wants is another kid. Is it so hard to pick up your wet towel off the floor and put it in the laundry bin? Are your arms and legs broken? However, asking for a little help around the house and not getting it is tiring and frustrating. We know the constant nagging will eventually cause you to tune out. If you want to keep the peace, you need to take initiative to help with the little chores.

It will go a long way in making sure your girl is happy. On the flip side, women generally like to talk things through and deal with a relationship issue when it arises. Of course, that will piss her off! Is it really so hard? Try not to do the guy thing and fix everything. If you overdo it, the meaning gets lost in the craziness of life. Put some time and effort into the things you buy for her, so she knows you are trying to make her feel special.

Ask her friends for help or surprise her when she least expects it. Time for you to step up to the plate and make it happen. If you love your girl, you should want to learn more about her, and getting to know her friends is the direct route to do it. However, you should make an effort to be interested in the things that interest her.

If she plays soccer, you should show up to a few of her games. The longer you are with a woman, the more effort you should put into looking good for yourself and for her.

Studies show women prefer men who take care of themselves. The guys that have splendid grooming habits are the ones who draw the women who stick. This means making sure your hygiene is on par, clipping your nails and getting your haircut regularly and, of course, kicking it up a few notches with a new cologne on occasion.

Yes, traditionally, women were the caretakers of the house and men went out to hunt for food and provide. Guys are generally messier than girls. So, you should be picking up a little more than your fair share of the household duties. You should take her to a new coffee spot in town or out to explore the city. The sky is the limit, and if you care about making her happy, you need to take action to make sure the quality time you spend together is magical.

Everyone needs to step away from the everyday and plan a trip to recharge, reconnect, and regroup. By planning a vacation, you are connecting on a higher level. Women really do hate that! If you want to please your girlfriend in bed, you have to listen to what she wants and encourage her to open up, so you can deliver.

Change is the focus here. Your girlfriend will appreciate this and love you more for your efforts. If you are looking for ways to make your girl happier, you have a vested interest in your relationship, and perhaps, you should look at taking your relationship to the next level.

Something to think about anyway. Sometimes, a woman is just too much to handle. Her anger is insoluble, and her aura just reeks of manipulation and negative energy. It happens. Here are a few quick tips to help you make her leave you pronto. Tip One — Get Gross — No matter what, girls are turned off when a guy starts getting really disgusting. Things like farting, belching, and blowing your nose with your hand is enough to send even the nastiest girl running. Tip Two — Verbal Disrespect — If you really want to tick her off, you need to figure out the words that drive her nuts and use them repeatedly until she starts fuming.

At this point, you need to keep it coming. When your girlfriend starts talking, make sure her parents see you roll your eyes. No self respecting woman would have written such a low key. And no gentle men should need such a low key. OMG awesome article!! Man what kind of extra care while choosing words for a women. If same is a man problem the article would be like he should stop doing this, he is wrong , girl should leave him he will not be a future material etc etc.

The only way to deal with a woman who is being illogical, irrational, and overly emotional is to tell her that you will not be with a woman who cannot control herself and be an adult. This will get her screaming at you! Then leave. Do not under any circumstances see or talk to her again. If you end up alone, this is much better than being with a woman like that. Do not let your girlfriend to be angry for you without a reason and assult you.

If she has an anger problem, she cannot control her own emotions and without any reason gives you wild quarelles than you have 2 choices: 1 leave her asap 2 do not respond to her emotions, be strong, once anger goes tell her you do not accept such aggressive and arogant behavior , either she stops or you leave. Do not discuss with her. If she loves she will step by step change. If not you need to leave. And never take blame on you. Those are usually emotionally broken people with low self-assesment, comming from broken family.

Often pretty, nasty, and terribly misbehaving patological girls. Good luck to you if you try to go with the second way. Your email address will not be published. Additionally, Luvze. Search this website Hide Search. Share 31 Tweet Pin 28 59 shares. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

22 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mad at You Without Reasons

Start by finding out if her anger is even valid. Determine if it is something you did, a miscommunication or more. Be nice. Be sweet.

However, no matter what the argument is about or how mad your girlfriend is feeling at you, there are some things that you should avoid saying to her…. When a woman is mad at her boyfriend, the last thing that she wants to do is calm down, relax and explain why she is feeling that way.

Candice my ex? I gotta get something to eat, you hungry? Isabel watched him closely. How can he be so calm about everything? Steve rummaged through the fridge, looking for something to eat.

What to Say When Your Girlfriend is Mad at You

If your girlfriend is upset or ignoring you, what is the best way to handle this situation? How do you get her to open up and feel affectionate towards you again? In this situation, your behavior and response is the key. If your girlfriend is upset, knowing how to handle the situation the right way makes all the difference. If you provoke her or act in a way that is weak and needy, she will continue to grow more and more upset with you. He handles the situation well. My response can be seen below in bold.

Get your girlfriend to forgive

There is nothing more dreadful or frustrating when your girlfriend is angry or sad. When you know the reason behind her anger, it is easier to help her calm down. But when you have no idea why she is pissed, it becomes tough to handle her emotions that are on the rise. In such a scenario, you need to think and act wisely to deal with your angry girlfriend and do not let her stay mad. Read further to know some amazing ways to comfort your girlfriend and make her smile.

Sometimes it can be tough to please women.

Sometimes, girls get annoyed without you knowing the reason behind their ire. Keep aside your ego and talk to her. Instead, be humble and overcome your pride, take the first step to apologize and talk to her. Apologize to her.

How to Deal With an Angry Girlfriend

Updated: April 29, References. Getting her to forgive you can be challenging, but try to put your ego aside and make an honest effort to get back in her good graces. Start by apologizing, and mean it. Let her share her own perspective and feelings about the situation.

Is your girlfriend angry with you again? Chances are, you've done something that really upset her, whether it was intentional or not. It's inevitable in almost every relationship, but if she's still sticking around, you may be able to get on her good side again. Whether you forgot an important date, said something inconsiderate or got caught looking at another girl, if you make every effort to restore your girlfriend's faith in you, she may end up forgiving you. Most importantly, you must be sincere if you want a positive outcome. If your girlfriend thinks you're full of it when you apologize, this may only make the situation worse.

14 Techniques On How To Deal With An Angry Girlfriend

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! The last thing you want to deal with is a pissed off girlfriend, but it does happen. When you care about someone, there are bound to be emotions on the rise. If you try to control an angry girl, you will force her to be defensive and push her to say the opposite of what you need to hear. If she says something nasty, you are best to not react, as hard as that is. Being angry is a completely normal part of being human. This is going to help your relationship become smoother and so much happier. It will do you no good to get angry at her being mad.

Jul 2, - Use them and make your relationship stronger. is entirely normal If your girlfriend is angry with you, do not let her stay annoyed and sad.

Her arms are crossed. You rack your brain for what you could have done… What did you say? Did your flirty banter with that waitress over lunch go too far? Your normally loving and soft woman is shut off and shut down. Everyone makes mistakes.

Dating Diaries: What to Do When Your Girlfriend is Mad at You

You just have to know how to patch things up with an angry girlfriend, and we can help with that. You want to address the issue quickly and efficiently so you can prevent a bigger blow-up in the future. Repeat it a few times and you might not have a girlfriend at all. It can be very tempting to fight fire with fire, especially if nasty words are exchanged.

What to Do If Your Girlfriend Is Upset With You

Your girlfriend can be mad at you for different things but take it as a chance to sweep her off her feet all over again. Here are some sweet messages that you can send to your girlfriend:. You took away the initial privacy that is often needed in the beginning of a relationship. Family is wonderful but sometimes announcing a relationship can cause teasing and stress.





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