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How to make a taurus woman want you back

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Born between April 22 and May 21, Taurus women are sensual, loyal creatures ruled by the planet Venus. Of course, this tends to make the Taurus woman very much a romantic at heart. Therefore, certain rules should be followed while trying to get the Taurus woman to surrender to passion. Compliment a Taurus woman from the start. Taureans can spot hypocrisy from a mile away, so make certain that all flattery is the real deal. Taurus women will go to great lengths to look pleasing for their partner, often spending the better part of the day readying for an evening out.

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Breakups and Taurus

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The Taurus girl is earthy and no-nonsense. She's impressed by real achievement, not big empty talk or name dropping. She likes to settle into the moment, and won't like to be rushed here and there. She loves to indulge, but may fall into gluttony, and generally, too much of a good thing in some area.

Taurus is a fixed sign , making her a lover that wants stability, perhaps materially. Some might size you up as a wealth creator, or show respect if you demonstrate that you make the most of what you've got. Taurus admires those that do something with their natural gifts, and work hard — and play hard. The Taurus woman is ruled by Venus , and it shows. Her way is to live close to the garden, as a sensualist, who savors the moments. Keep this in mind for early dates that create sensory impressions — sights and smells that you can return to again and again.

The memory evoked by a smell, like when you gave her a fresh gardenia, can become something special, for example. She's likely to appreciate flowers, especially if they're still in pots, so she can plant them in her garden. She leans toward the natural, so consider that when gifting the Taurus woman. Natural fiber clothing, earthy scents, stone jewelry, herbal tonics, and teas.

It's a good sign when she invites you for dinner at her place. Chances are, she's got a full spice rack, and is prepared to tantalize your palate. You'll impress her if you chose a restaurant that's atmospheric, cozy, and with thoughtfully prepared food.

If you're a foodie too, you'll enjoy impressing her in your own kitchen. What is her Venus sign? This gives you further clues to how to win her heart and what she finds attractive. It also reveals what she values. And for Taurus women, she wants to live her values. Though the Taurus woman might seem easy-going, she's looking for substance in life and in love. She wants to know she's making a wise choice on something that'll last.

She loves to live well and comfortably, and security is high on her list. This gives her a realist's attitude in love, as she sizes up the potential for combining your lives and prospects or assets. Taurus is the slow and steady sign of the Zodiac. This comes across early on, as she takes her sweet time getting to know you.

The Taurus woman is loyal, and she expects the same commitment back. She wants someone to build a life together from the ground up. But she's likely to be very into self-sufficiency, and knows how to make the most of what's she's got. Her life path is to acquire and build up, and that includes material wealth. She'll be drawn to qualities of self-reliance and someone who generates abundance.

This bodes well for those who make the most of their natural talents and material resources and are geared toward full enjoyment of what they bring. Life is good with a Taurus woman, and there's usually something sweet-smelling coming from her kitchen. What's outstanding about earthy Taurus is the close intimacy with the creaturely self.

You might be surprised how natural your Taurus date is about her appetites, both with food, luxuries, and with her sexuality. She's liable to be uninhibited and really impressive with her relishing of the moment. That same sensuality puts Taurus in the comfort zone, and that in turn can lead to inertia Taurus can get depressed , and feel lazy, and guilty for not making the most of their life. This is a sign that likes to relax, but also to feel productive.

If you foster confidence in her gifts and encourage effort, she'll see you as a cheerleader for a satisfying life. That's the best way to win over a Taurus woman. Molly Hall. Updated April 03, LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our.

Betraying a taurus woman

Toggle navigation. The Taurus woman is the strong mother of the Zodiac. Deep, intense and secure. She's born of the planet Venus.

Forums Taurus forum How to get a Taurus woman back. First off, I'm an Aquarius male who dated a female Taurus two years ago, naturally throughout my life i had many trust issues with people and couldn't fully trust them.

Talk about hard to keep Read on to find out how to deal with a lying spouse It can be very hard to understand why your partner would lie to you. You can see her as an impressive and sexy babe. An Aquarius is quite thinkers and often overthinking about everything but in the same time they are unemotional. Becoming adept at the art of massage, and engaging in activities that balance the earth element will keep your relationship on a smooth course and prevent it from stagnating.

How to Get a Taurus Woman to Chase You (8 Simple Tips)

Bathing yourself in Brut is going to assault her senses and make her want to put some distance between you and her, so go easy. This woman loves subtlety. Smelling great, check. Looking great, check check. It will stick. Just make sure your appearance is neat, clean and stylish. Taurus women dig a man with style, so give yours some spotlight. Want to get her really interested? Give her a taste of how spontaneous and fun you can be. Taurus females also love to laugh.

How To Win Her Back After A Breakup, According To Her Zodiac Sign

Winning your girlfriend back is NOT easy, but when you love someone enough to want them back, you always find a way to fight for them. Looking to astrology and to her zodiac sign can be a great place to start to re-kindle your relationship after a breakup. And when I say fight, I mean really fight for her. No, not fist-fighting and no, not sending her love letters and roses.

A Taurus will always come back to that one that got away, she will dream and even play it out in her mind over and over and that will become her soul purpose in life whether she notices It or not. She most definitely does, which causes a lot of anger built within the mechanics of her being.

After a break up, you might be ready to say goodbye forever and feel confident that you made the right choice. Or you might be moping around, missing your ex and wondering if there was anything you could have done to change the way things ended up. How could he get you back? Well, it all depends on your sign!

How to Win the Heart of a Taurus Woman

Updated: April 28, References. Your eye is on a woman born between April 20 and May 20, huh? Then she's a Taurus. If you think you only want her for one night, you're sorely mistaken!

Email address:. If you want to win your Taurus ex lady back, tempt her with fine dining, a massage or a gift that has been ridiculously expensive. The process of getting back together with the Taurus woman can last very long. However, you need to have a lot of patience for this to happen. Take all the time in the world and wait because this is the way things are going with this lady: slow and steady. Woo her like you used to when you first met.

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman

The Taurus Zodiac sign is a loyal partner who operates very practically in relationships. She weighs in her pros and cons before she gives away her heart to someone. Have you been in love with a Taurus woman and is she acting aloof out of the blue? What are the signs a Taurus woman is over you? How does a Taurus woman behave when she has a heartbreak? Will a Taurus female move on soon or come back to you? If your relationship with a Taurus woman has hit the rock bottom, here is all you need to know to keep a Taurus woman interested and get her back in your life.

Of course, this tends to make the Taurus woman very much a romantic at heart. Treat your Taurus woman like a sensual feast, and tell her so; a suitor that Offer a back or neck rub, since the Taurus' most vulnerable body part is the neck.

The Taurus girl is earthy and no-nonsense. She's impressed by real achievement, not big empty talk or name dropping. She likes to settle into the moment, and won't like to be rushed here and there. She loves to indulge, but may fall into gluttony, and generally, too much of a good thing in some area. Taurus is a fixed sign , making her a lover that wants stability, perhaps materially.

How to Get a Taurus Woman Back


How to get a Taurus woman back.




How To Get a Taurus Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over



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