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Hello hello! I'm still writing My Other Half I just had this idea and needed to get it out. So if you enjoy this one check out my other fic! Hiccup said and finished the screaming match with a loud slam of his bedroom door. Pacing the length of his room Hiccup pulled at his shaggy hair thinking back to how the disastrous evening began. This was it, the acceptance letter of his dream school in California laying in his hands.

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So i am gonna try something new okay? So what this is i'm gonna change the ends of stories or episodes. Whatever you wanna call it. So the first what if i am going to do is, what if in enemy of my enemy Dagur was still evil? So the scene starts how it does in rtte but i'm gonna go to the part when Dagur finds them. Also i'm gonna do this like a dialouge. Totally how you spell it.

After Hiccup hid Toothless in a cave he goes out to check that the hunters were no longer behind them. He finds Dagur, but Dagurs still evil. Vanihime is the final reasting place of all dragons. Except night fury. There is a scelaton on venihime and it is a Bewilderbeast.

Hiccup finally marries Astrid. Why did he have to wait so long? Astrid had to git older. Once they were married they had two children. On dragons race to the edge it is obvious who has a crush on who. But why? Well read this article and I will tell you why. Let's start with Snotlout. Minden likes Snotlout because well for once in his he was sincere,and the person who he was sincere with was her.

Comeing to the conclusion to Shotlout and Minden's crush on each other it went to the extent this is what I mean Minden out of the blue kisses snotlout. Well I can't really say much about Hiccup and Astrid. But in how to train your dragon race to the edge Hiccup gives Astrid a betrogol gift. And in the third movie they got married and have children. But I don't know for sure if it is true. I just have read a post about it on a social media site.

What we can do now is to hope for the very best. So what do you guys think of it? Comment your opinions below! Effectiveness in combat will be the least of your worries if you have not tamed your dragon properly, and that is essential. Colours, flame type, tail strength, the sharpness of teeth, you look for these and you often find them. But how far are you willing to go?

With the exception of only a few editors, the Fanon Wiki is just waiting for more users. Please take a few minutes to check it out! This dragon always has a partner there shells can connect together.

The dig through the ground destroying the rocks. I opened my eyes to see the ceiling of my hut. I turned my head to the voices that woke me up. Astrid was sitting in a chair next to my bed, talking quietly to my mother.

I looked past astrid and saw toothless looking out one of my windows, his tail flicking nervously. The nightlights as I call are so cute. In movie it shows around 3 nightlights a mix between night and light fury. I think the 3rd movie was the best.

Toothles looks cute and the babies. I could tell the character changed during the movies. The hidden world was beautiful. In the end it was sad to leave the dragons, In the end end toothles and hiccup found to have kids of there own. And I also think some dragons should be moved such as sandbusters too Boulder zipple back to stoker and. If you want an edit, in the comments or on my Message Wall give me the picture you want edited or a description of the picture you want , and how you want me to edit it.

This poll is not yet in seshen. In this blog I would like you guys to send any made up, homemade dragons you have designed! I am curious to know about new dragons. Follow instructions below:. I've been hearing that a new update for Titan Uprising is coming out soon or has already come out. It supposedly includes new hybrid dragons such as the Tripletrapper and others. I want to know when the update comes out, and, if it has come out, when will new pages be added to the wiki?

So far i've red the How to Train Your Dragon Comics , and so far , the story is really interesting , however , i have some question for all of you guys , howcome that the "Dragonvine" is conected to the "Dragon's Heir" and what happened to Calder?!!!!!!

And overall , it's great, really , i love the graphics , the character designs , the plot twist , and more. So as we speak , the graphics , i really really love the graphics especially the new dragon , The Crimson Goregutter, the…. So, I really loved this movie. I think it was the best one yet, but I cried almost all the way through. And when the dragons left??? I swear, this movie was the end of me. Sorry for those that wanted Talk Pages.

Ok anyways thank you to all those that supported message walls. We wouldn't have changed without you all. This is in my opinion a great achievement to us all, and I'm really happy! State your choice and why if you wish in the comments below. I realized that userboxes are under utilized. That means that more users could be using them. Of course I realized that not everyone necessarily knows about the userboxes. So without further ado I like to let you know about userboxes that have been created to place of user pages.

Of course a user is not meant to use every userbox that has been created for use, but to use only those that they support or fit. Userboxes are essentially templates that are placed on a one's userpage. It is an easy way to show what a user has in terms of merchandise, and what a user's favorite stuff is from this franchise. So everyone knows that the How To Train Your Dragon franchise started with the books written by Cressida Cowell, of whom is acknowledged in the opening credits of all the series and movies.

We follow Hiccup as he is the most disliked Viking. In trying to prove that he is one of them he shoots down a very rare dragon called a Night Fury. After telling his father Stoick, the Chief of their village of Berk, the Hairy Hooligans, he says that he isn't like them, yet he wants to be. So he goes out to find that beast that he shot down, fin…. Hello all im CloverCloud! Hi, I usually don't blog or post but i figured I will now since httyd reached out to me over the years in a way I didn't think possible, and not to me alone, so I do hope I'm speaking for majority of the people here.

This for me and maybe so many others feels wrong, not special enough to want to watch simply because hiccup and astrid and the old gang is left out. While I probably won't be nearly as active as I once once, I'd definitely be editing more! While the issue I'll be addressing isn't exactly urgent, I do hope to be able to get responses for this by the time HTTYD 3 is done showing in the cinemas so that more users can navigate better. As you'd probably be aware of, we have a portal like this on the main page It was an absolute pain to create :.

Right now, the problem with this is that there are a lot of un-updated information for the franchise in-universe information, ie. Characters both dragon and human , Dragon Species, Objects and Locations. Do loo…. No matter what side you're on, fill it out so the wiki can be peaceful knowing it made the right choice for their users hopefully.

This came up today having been mentioned by a user in their discussion post about whether we should stay with talk pages or change to Message Walls. Annabeth asked this in a blog a couple of years ago and did not get but one or two responses to the question in the comments. So I am bringing up the subject again, and want to hear what the others of you want. Talk pages are what we currently use and when you are left a message on it by another user a notification comes up in the bottom right corner.

And with talk pages when responding one is supposed to respond on the talk page of the user who messaged you. Message Walls are a feature that can be activated by an Admin and would replace talk pages and automatically archive conversations on ta…. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

snotlout’s kiss

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Join them and the riders in new adventures and dragons. Also making new friends along their journey and finding other Night furies. Here's the rewrite of my story and the voice actors in this page.

The sad part, for me, is I really enjoyed this story at one point and the way you handled the characters. That is no longer the case.

Sightseeing, eating greasy food, Astrid singing the whole way -bless her soul- all in all it was a blast it almost made Hiccup forget about his impending doom. Now they were maybe 30 minutes away from his childhood home and even with his lovely wife chatting away he couldn't hear anything she was saying because of his inner doubts and fears rushing through his mind. I'm really doing this. I'm going home…Right now….

Tales of the Lokasenna — Known “Guest” Reviews

Started by FanWriter02, now run by thepurplewriter Tell me another story about Mama being brave! Keep reading. As Hiccup is leaving for a party, Snotlout tells Hiccup to give Astrid a kiss for him. The couch was starting to mold to his body—and stench. Normally, this would be typical behavior for Snotlout. But the swollen throat, running nose, eye bags, and the puke bucket sitting atop the coffee table revealed that he was, in fact, quite sick. He combed a hand through his hair, contemplating whether to run some gel through it or not. The thought perished quickly as he remembered hearing some girls say they actually like the messy-hair look.

Story Author Community Forum. As she prepares to put a stop to her suffering, Astrid recaps the five-and-a-half year chain of events that she set in motion the day she first tried dragon nip. Set in my "He's Mine" universe. She is not amused. That doesn't stop her realising how she really feels about Hiccup.

After the less than warm welcome he got from them and the fact that one was his ex girlfriend, he couldn't imagine this would end up going well for him. Snapping back from his thoughts he turned to his Mother, "umm Mom do you really think that's a good idea?

So i am gonna try something new okay? So what this is i'm gonna change the ends of stories or episodes. Whatever you wanna call it. So the first what if i am going to do is, what if in enemy of my enemy Dagur was still evil?

Hiccup took another swig of Gobber's brew praying the alcohol would help to steel his resolve to talk to his angry wife. An angry wife who currently possessed sharp projectiles. He decided on one more long drink before setting the mug down on the wooden table with a solid thunk and a nod of his head. Raising from his seat he turned around and looked toward Astrid and Ruffnut.

View Badges! HiccupXAstrid--FC gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Bintavivi 23 Deviations Featured: Hot Spring. Opaul11 10 Deviations Featured: Going for a spin, hicstrid. AvannaK 7 Deviations Featured: Warmth - drabble.


May 12, - My son is a married man " "Hey Valka, um my luggage is still in the car would you mind helping me bring it in? So I can get pajamas for the.








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