Website Unveiling in Downtown San Antonio On Thursday, June 7th, McBad Creative joined Non-Profit Organization San Antonio Threads for the unveiling of their brand new website. McBad Creative was incredibly honored to have worked closely the past couple of months to bring their vision to life.   San Antonio Threads San Antonio Threads is a
Endless Buzz on an Anticipated Grand Opening Hargrove’s Fine Wine & Spirits is a brand new, family owned & operated boutique wine shop in San Antonio. Centrally located on Broadway Street and next to the Witte Museum, owners William and Amber Hargrove wanted to provide a boutique wine shop dedicated to offering a hand-picked, world-class
With the recent change in the Facebook Algorithm set to take effect, it is safe to say that managing your company’s brand on it’s Facebook page has been a perpetual uphill battle to be on. Although it is necessary to have your business’ page on Facebook, given they have literally half of the global population
Your Digital Salesman Your website works, and that’s great! The foundation to your company’s online presence, at the minimum, should be working and functioning. Ask yourself this question – does your website work for you? Think of your website as your 24/7 business card or your digital salesman you don’t have to pay overtime. You
Competitive Philanthropy The 2018 Leukemia Lymphoma Society in San Antonio is currently promoting their annual philanthropy competition – The Man/Woman of the Year. Their goal for this campaign is to engage local community leaders in a fundraising competition, and whomever raises the most money  within the 10-Week campaign wins the title of Man/Woman of the

8 Website Design Trends for 2018

Every year, there is always a list that predicts / informs on the latest style trends. Website design trends are no exception – and constantly evolve in style depending on the type of industry, look, and feelings they are intended to convey. Some website design styles have overstayed their welcome (flat design), while other styles

Do You Really Need A New Website?

Does your business really need a new website? Having a Digital Marketing and Ad Agency, one whose specialty is web design, you would think that this would be the LAST question I would ever ask a potential client, “Do You REALLY Need A New Website?” The reality is, I don’t “sell” websites as a commodity
McBad Creative, together with NP Engagement and Knight Moving Company, are currently collecting donations for the animals affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.    #NoAnimalsLeftBehind The ravaging floods and extensive damages to the coastal areas of Texas have affected many animal rescue groups and shelters. We will be collecting the following items for two

5 Free Resources to Grade Your Website

Does your website make the grade? I’m sure many can agree that regular(ish) health checkups with a doctor are essential in order to keep on being our healthy selves or find solutions if we happen to find ourselves under the weather. Your website is no different – it has a “health”. As a result, how

DIY SEO: Claim Your Local Listings

You Own Your Business – Now Own Your Local Listings! When you started your business, I am sure the couple of weeks following your registration came unsolicited sales calls from companies that work with other businesses, B2B, in order to sell you services relevant to your industry. Likewise, when you set up your phone line,
If Advertising on Facebook Messenger is the new Content Marketing, is that a Good Thing? HubSpot did an article, Marketers: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, and focused on the heightened popularity and usage of using messaging apps as the next trend in Digital Marketing following Content Marketing. The article references such technologies
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Hawx Burger Bar & Electro Lounge WEBSITE DESIGN Challenge: Opening a business is a challenging task for anyone. Opening a restaurant, I would say, is a tad bit more difficult given everything that it takes to open and run a restaurant. This website design was to correspond with the opening of the restaurant Hawx
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Case Study: NICHA’S COMIDA MEXICANA WEBSITE REDESIGN Challenge: Having just opened its third location in San Antonio not long prior to getting this project, Nicha’s Comida Mexicana, a local Mexican-Cuisine favorite amongst both locals and tourists alike, needed their website redesigned after years since they last had a major redesign overhaul. As popular and
The marketing industry, like many industries, evolve every so often to different eras of social and technological advancement. Digital marketing in the restaurant industry is no exception. Whether you’re thinking about opening your first restaurant, or traffic has slowed down and you’re wondering why your competitor just opened his second location, use this digital marketing
Website visits originating from mobile devices makes up a majority of web traffic. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search and visit websites that interest them – and the food industry is no exception. Source. Likewise, behind the homepage, the second most visited page on a restaurant’s website is the menu
Greetings, Entrepreneurs! When was the last time you checked your Google Business Listing? If you haven’t checked it in some time, check it NOW and then you can come back and read the rest of this article. Done? Great! When you google your business, more than likely you will find your business listing in a
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That’s correct. And for many reasons it doesn’t. Many times I wonder how can anyone operate a business and simply doesn’t have time to show and tell potential customers what it is that they’re selling. I have seen numerous Facebook Business pages that are not up to date in their postings. Many haven’t even posted

Six Tips to Video Marketing

Using video marketing is measurable, so you know if it’s working.  Video marketing engages your audiences and can help generate more leads.  Outline what you want to show on the video.  Promote your product or service and educate your audience on what you have to offer.  Tell a story.  You may also involve your customers
Marketing is critical to the success of your business. Cutting back on your marketing budget or not having one at all will impact your business in a negative way. Your business needs effective marketing to grow. Poor marketing will derail your growth even if you have a good product or service. Marketing Mistake #1: Not

Sharing Content [infographic]

Many times it is very difficult to write content to share with your audience – either we go blank or search for some in a desperate mode.  Yes, in a desperate mode to make sure ‘something’ is shared.  And really, that feeling is not an acceptable one nor is it one of value.  So what
A person without a face is not able to speak. Likewise, a business without a website cannot tell customers or potential customers anything about its product or service.  You, as a business owner, should be asking yourself the following question: How will my customers know that I exist as a business and know about my
Appealing directly to one or more of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is how a client is persuaded to purchase a product or a service.  Maslow’s hierarchy is a high yielding psychological approach to marketing. Abraham Harold Maslow was a psychologist who studied positive human qualities.  The five needs that are included in his pyramid model,
For any company looking for a potential marketing firm to fulfill their marketing needs, the inevitable question will come to mind: Should I go with a large firm or with a boutique firm? Though both types of marketing firms would likely be able to fulfill a client’s marketing needs, there IS a difference between the
Don’t!!! In today’s business, more and more people are making their purchase decisions online and many make these decisions according to those business reviews.  One bad review can and will impact your business perception to future patrons.  One bad review can send away many potential customers.  So don’t ignore those nasty reviews. Ignoring them will not make them
Tired of posting in several social media sites and are not getting results? Well, check this out! 7 Social Media Sites – Learn the Pros and the Cons.

Annoying Ads Can Cost You

"Annoying ads are interesting because they both make and cost money for publishers. They make money because advertisers pay publishers to run ads. They cost money when annoyed users abandon a site, leaving the publisher with less advertising revenue.”
Interesting infographic that I want to share with you.
Yes, I tossed and turned thinking of that perfect name to call my baby, well my marketing business that is. I came up with a number of names that were good ones, but they were not that special one.  I remember sitting down watching television with my four dogs and my cat.  They were all

New Office…Busy as Usual

It has been an incredibly busy last few weeks. Besides the usual workload, add to that moving to our new office location. Granted we just moved to the office suite across from us, we still had a lot of decorating to do to make the office a McBad Office. I only wish I could have
Direct-mail postcards are a very powerful marketing tool that all businesses should be using.  Their powerful charm has been rediscovered because it delivers results. Postcards are very simple and cost efficient.  You can create a postcard campaign with very little money invested.  The print cost is very reasonable and inexpensive as well.  They can be
Many people who are starting up a business, can’t help but to feel intimidated by the others, the competition. Even though they have their ideas in line and are going through the process of operating their business, they can’t help but to think, “What if others are doing it already?” What if others are doing

How to Push Customers Away

Many customers enjoy doing their shopping online. I’m one of them. But there are several things online stores will do to push customers away. Once a week, I receive emails from this great boutique, well I call it great since the clothes that it offers look great. As soon as I open this email, pictures
There are several reasons why having marketing collateral for your business is essential for the success of your business. But first, you might be asking yourself, “ What is marketing collateral?” Marketing collateral is printed material that describes a business and it’s products and services. Some examples include, brochures, press releases, fact sheets, etc… It

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